benefits of fruit for the health

What is Benefits Of Fruits For the Health?

Benefits Of Fruits For  the Health The benefits of fruits for the health and eliminate the disease of course very diverse. The benefits of fruits can prevent us from various diseases. Some articles on Benefits of fruit have been widely discussed, but actually these benefits can vary depending on the fruit and type. By consuming


benefits of breakfast

Benefits of breakfast and guide

One of the keys to building a day full of energy is breakfast. Unfortunately, many people who are wrong about breakfast even underestimate it. The Total Diet (SDT) survey conducted by the Health Research and Development Agency found that 25,000 children aged 6 to 12 years in 34 provinces found 47.7 percent of children had


benefits of red ginger for health

Benefits of Red Ginger for Health, from Digestion to Fertility

Ginger is one of the spices that are widely used as cooking spices. Not only in cooking, ginger is also widely used as the main ingredient in hot drink dishes, for example only ginger, sekoteng, until ginger milk. In addition, ginger is also often used as traditional medicine. Not only the usual ginger that you


when to check blood sugar level

When to check our blood sugar level?

When is the best time to check blood sugar? What objects do you see most often with your family, siblings, colleagues, or friends who have diabetes? The answer might be a blood sugar test tool. The blood sugar test tool is indeed a “friend” for those with diabetes. Glucose levels in the blood that cannot


What are figwort and the benefits for health?

What’s the Figwort for? Figwort is a diuretic plant that is often used to relieve flatulence and increase urine production. Figwort which is processed into ointments or topical creams is efficacious for treating skin conditions such as eczema, hives, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, swelling, and rashes. Some people use this plant as a substitute for the devil’s


retroverted uterus

Is Women Who Have a Reverse (Retroverted) Uterus Can Still Pregnant?

The uterus is a reproductive organ that plays an important role in the process of pregnancy. Unfortunately, some women of the uterus are not in a normal position, such as the case of the uterus inverted (retroverted). What is a reversed uterus and does a woman who has an inverted uterus make it possible to


what is cascara

What is Cascara?

Benefits What is cascara for? Cascara is a herb made from the skin of a coffee fruit. It looks like a cherry and is often used as a coffee or tea drink. Cascara is a plant that acts as a laxative for constipation, as well as treatment for gallstones, liver disease, and cancer. Some people


The Different Traits Of The Backward Tilt Position Women Should Know

The uterus is an important organ of the female reproductive system. It is in this womb that the baby will stay in the mother’s abdomen. However, some women appear to have an unusual uterine position, the uterus is tilted toward the back (retroverted). So, what a sign a woman has the womb tilted back? What


what is calumba

What is Calumba?

Benefits What are the benefits of calumba? What is calumba?, Calumba is one of the most bitter herbs found only in Madagascar and Mozambique. Calumba efficacy lies within its roots. This herb is used to overcome stomach pain, heartburn, heartburn, intestinal disorders, and diarrhea. Other benefits of calumba is to help increase appetite, overcoming problems of


Chamomile Flower: Benefits and Side effects

Benefits What is chamomile for? Chamomile is a flowering plant that has been widely used to treat stomach pain and as a mild sedative. Some studies initially used a combination of chamomile with other plants, and showed that it could be beneficial to health. However, as with other combination products, it is difficult to prove


centaury flower: benefits and side effects

Centaury flower: benefits and side effects

Centaury Benefits What is centaury for? Centaury is a medicinal plant to treat dyspepsia (ulcer), lack of gastric secretions, and loss of appetite. In traditional medicine, centaurs are herbs that are believed to be beneficial as anthelmintic, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, and kidney stones. There is no scientific evidence to support the usefulness or function of this


devils claw benefits and side effects

Devil’s Claw: Benefits and side effects

Benefits What is the devil’s claw for? Devil’s claw is a herbaceous plant that lives in dry and sandy terrain. This plant is widely grown in the savannahs of the southern African Kalahari, Madagascar, and Namibia. Named the devil’s claws because this herbal plant is shaped like a curved and black claw when it’s dried


blessed thistle: benefits and side effects

Blessed thistle: benefits and side effects

Benefits Blessed thistle for what? Blessed thistle is a flowering plant that is often processed into herbal medicine. People usually cultivate the tops of flowers, leaves, and the top of the stem to be used as medicine. The main usefulness of blessed thistle is : to stimulate the production of gastric acid and saliva, as