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What’s Alkaptonuria?

Alkaptonuria is a uncommon congenital situation that happens when the physique is unable to supply sufficient of the enzymes referred to as homogeneous oxygenicase (HGD). This enzyme ought to operate to interrupt down poisonous substances referred to as homogentic acid. Due to the absence of this hormone, the result’s a buildup of homogentic acid within the physique.

Elevated homogentic acid causes bones and cartilage to vary shade and brittle. This often causes osteoarthritis (calcification of joints), particularly within the backbone and huge joints.

Folks with alkaptonuria additionally produce urine (urine) that turns brown or black when uncovered to air.

How frequent is alkaptonuria?

Alkaptonuria is a uncommon illness. Based on Nationwide Group of Uncommon Issues (NORD), the precise variety of circumstances of this illness is unknown, however is estimated to happen in a single out of each 250,000 individuals. Nonetheless, this uncommon situation is extra frequent in sure areas in international locations in Europe, equivalent to Slovakia and Germany in addition to within the Caribbean islands, exactly the Dominican Republic.

This situation will be overcome by lowering your danger components. Talk about along with your physician for extra data.

Indicators and Signs

What are the indicators and signs of alkaptonuria?

The indicators and signs of alkaptonuria turn into clearer as you get older. The obvious symptom of alkaptonuria is urine that turns darkish brown or black when uncovered to air. By the point you attain your 20s or 30s, you might discover indicators of early look of osteoarthritis.

Different frequent indicators and signs of this uncommon situation embrace:

  • Spots on the sclera (white) of the attention
  • Thick and darkish cartilage within the ear
  • The pores and skin adjustments shade to blue spots, particularly across the sweat glands
  • Darkish sweat or sweat stains
  • Black earwax
  • Kidney stones and prostate stones
  • Arthritis or joint ache (particularly within the waist and knee joint).

Alkaptonuria can typically trigger coronary heart issues. Homogentisic acid buildup makes the guts valves harden, inflicting aortic and mitral valve problems.

When ought to I see a health care provider?

Early prognosis and therapy can forestall worsening of circumstances and different medical emergencies, so seek the advice of a health care provider as quickly as attainable to stop this severe situation.

You probably have questions, seek the advice of your physician. Everybody's physique reacts otherwise. It's at all times higher to debate what's finest in your state of affairs along with your physician.


What causes alkaptonuria?

Alkaptonuria is attributable to mutations (irregular adjustments) within the homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase (HGD) gene. That is an autosomal recessive situation, which means which you could get this uncommon situation if each dad and mom have a service gene (not simply considered one of them).


What places an individual in danger for this situation?

You possibly can have a better danger of growing this uncommon situation if:

  • Has a household historical past. Since alkaptonuria is inherited, the one identified danger issue is household historical past associated to this dysfunction. Women and men have the identical potential to be affected by this situation. The estimated incidence is round one in 250,000 individuals worldwide. It’s tough to estimate the variety of circumstances of alkaptonuria with certainty as a result of screening newborns for alkaptonuria shouldn’t be extensively utilized. Furthermore, some individuals who have mutations that trigger this dysfunction don’t present signs.
  • Reside in a sure space. Though it’s a uncommon dysfunction, circumstances of alkaptonuria are extra frequent in some populations. This illness is extra frequent in sure areas of Slovakia. Round one in 19,000 individuals are identified with alkaptonuria. This situation can also be extra frequent within the Dominican Republic, however the incidence is unknown.

Analysis and Therapy

The knowledge offered shouldn’t be an alternative to medical recommendation. ALWAYS seek the advice of your physician for extra data.

How is alkaptonuria identified?

On this case, the physician might suspect that you’re affected by this uncommon congenital illness in case your urine turns into darkish brown when uncovered to air. Your physician may take a look at you for this situation for those who expertise early signs of osteoarthritis.

Your physician can use a take a look at referred to as chromatography to verify for traces of homogentic acid in your urine. It may well additionally use DNA testing to verify for the HGD mutation gene.

Household historical past could be very helpful in making a prognosis of alkaptonuria. Nonetheless, many individuals have no idea that they carry this gene. Your dad and mom is perhaps carriers or "hosts" of genes with out figuring out it.

What are the remedies for alkaptonuria?

Truly there isn’t any particular therapy for this uncommon situation. Nonetheless, there are a number of ways in which you may have the ability to assist with the signs.

You could undertake a low protein weight loss plan. Medical doctors can suggest excessive doses of ascorbic acid (additionally referred to as vitamin C) to sluggish the buildup of homogentic acid in cartilage. Nonetheless, NORD warns that long-term use of vitamin C has confirmed ineffective for treating this situation.

Different remedies for alkaptonuria often give precedence to the therapy of problems which will happen, equivalent to:

  • Arthritis
  • Coronary heart illness
  • Kidney stones


What can I do to stop and deal with alkaptonuria?

Some suggestions that may aid you or your youngster detect this situation early on and get the precise therapy, together with:

  • Commentary of darkish urine in infants or younger youngsters must be checked instantly
  • Counseling with geneticists will be helpful for many who have a household historical past of alkaptonuria
  • Prenatal assessments will be thought of to detect this situation within the uterus or earlier than you attempt to get pregnant

For individuals who have been identified with this uncommon situation, they need to observe physician's recommendation and routine monitoring will help detect and deal with signs early.

Some problems which will happen embrace arthritis, coronary heart illness, and kidney stones or prostate stones, primarily attributable to extreme acid deposition. Following a well being routine with a balanced weight loss plan and limiting protein consumption will be useful. Train in response to the recommendation of your physician can be accomplished.

You probably have questions, seek the advice of your physician to know the perfect answer for you.

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