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What’s astrocytoma?

Astrocytoma is the commonest sort of glioma tumor shaped from astrocytes. The mind is the principle organ of the central nervous system and consists of nerve cells (neurons) that help each other (glial). Totally different cells make glial tissue together with astrocytes. About 50 % of major mind tumors are astrocytomas.

The World Well being Group (WHO) classifies this illness into 4 levels relying on how briskly it grows and is more likely to unfold to the closest mind tissue.

  • Degree I astrocytoma (juvenile pilocystic astrocytoma). Juvenile pilocystic astrocytoma happens most frequently in kids and adolescents. At this stage, tumors typically assault the cerebellum, cerebrum, optic nerve pathways, and mind stem.
  • Degree II astrocytoma (low-grade astrocytoma or diffuse astrocytoma). This tumor grows comparatively slowly and often has no clear boundaries. This situation is commonest in adults aged between 20-40 years.
  • Degree III astrocytoma (anaplastic astrocytoma). At this stage the tumor grows sooner than grade II astrocytoma. This situation happens most frequently in adults aged between 30-50 years.
  • Degree IV astrocytoma (glioblastoma or GBM). At this stage the tumor has unfold and developed aggressively. GBM is commonest in adults between the ages of 50 and 80, and customarily happens mostly in males.

How frequent is astrocytoma?

Astrocytoma is a mind tumor that the majority usually happens in adults. Nonetheless, kids can even get this illness. Please talk about together with your physician for extra data.

Indicators & Signs

What are the indicators and signs of astrocytoma?

Early-stage signs embrace complications (could also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting) or convulsions. Different signs embrace weak spot within the muscle mass of the arms or legs on one aspect of the physique, imaginative and prescient or speech issues.

In some instances, sufferers will expertise psychological adjustments, corresponding to confusion, disorientation, decreased capability to recollect, and irritability. There could also be indicators or signs not talked about. You probably have sure considerations about signs, please seek the advice of together with your physician see a physician.

When ought to I see a physician?

Contact your physician for those who expertise extreme complications accompanied by nausea and vomiting, muscle weak spot on one aspect of your physique, convulsions, or imaginative and prescient issues and problem talking. You probably have negative effects to remedy, corresponding to fever after present process chemotherapy, it’s best to instantly see a physician to get an correct analysis.


What causes astrocytoma?

The reason for astrocytoma is unknown. Nonetheless, this illness shouldn’t be hereditary and can’t be handed on from era to era.

Danger components

What will increase my danger for astrocytoma?

There isn’t any clear danger issue why an individual can develop astrocytoma. Primarily based on analysis, ailments associated to the nervous system corresponding to neurofibromatosis and different genetic ailments can set off astrocytoma development.

Medicines & Medicines

The data offered shouldn’t be an alternative to medical recommendation. ALWAYS seek the advice of your physician.

What are my remedy choices for astrocytoma?

There are three frequent kinds of remedy for treating astrocytomas:

Amongst most astrocytoma victims, they select the trail of surgical procedure to eliminate all elements of the tumor. Radical surgical procedure to take away a mind tumor will lengthen the lives of sufferers. Nonetheless, not all surgical removing of mind tumors is at all times profitable. You need to take into account it earlier than you select this methodology. As well as, radiation remedy and chemotherapy are two mixture therapies to destroy residual tumor cells and restrict the potential for tumors rising again. Some components that may decide the success of astrocytoma remedy are:

  • Tumor sort
  • The variety of tumors eliminated
  • Location of the tumor
  • Affected person age (larger probability of profitable surgical procedure in younger individuals)

What are the same old checks for astrocytoma?

The physician will make a analysis based mostly on the signs that seem, however the potential for the primary stage signs will not be obvious and are sometimes just like a headache or sinus an infection, making it troublesome to diagnose.

The physician may also use an MRI and CT scan. If an MRI or CT scan reveals a mass within the mind, the one approach to show the analysis is to do a biopsy.

Within the biopsy methodology, the physician will take a small piece of the mass and look at it utilizing a microscope. Astrocytoma might be categorized into levels I, II, III or IV. Stage I and II are early stage tumors, whereas levels III and IV are superior tumors. This grouping system helps docs to find out remedy strategies and prognosis which are appropriate for sufferers.

Remedy at residence

What are some way of life adjustments or residence cures that may be carried out to deal with astrocytomas?

Some way of life and residential cures that may assist you take care of astrocytoma are:

  • Observe all situations given by the physician post-treatment.
  • Carry out common re-examination to observe the progress of the illness and your well being situation.

You probably have questions, seek the advice of your physician for the very best resolution on your downside.

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