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What are swollen ft?

Peripheral edema, often known as swollen ft, is a medical situation that happens because of fluid buildup within the ft or ankles.

This situation can come up as a result of you could have stood, walked, or sat for too lengthy. Swollen ft may also be an indication if you’re obese, lazy to maneuver round, or have sure medical circumstances.

Quoted from the Mayo Clinic, swollen ft are often not painful, until attributable to damage. An individual whose leg is swollen could also be just a little disturbed to hold out their every day actions.

How widespread is leg swelling?

Swollen ft is a quite common well being situation. Swollen ft can afflict sufferers at any age. Nevertheless, you possibly can forestall leg swelling by decreasing the prevailing danger elements. Focus on along with your physician for extra data.

Indicators & Signs

Is swollen ft harmful?

Swollen ft is usually a widespread situation and shouldn't be a trigger for concern. Nevertheless, swollen ft is usually a purple flag and should be handled instantly by a health care provider if:

  • You will have coronary heart or kidney illness and have swelling
  • You will have liver illness and have swelling in your legs
  • The swollen space of ​​the leg is purple and feels heat to the contact
  • Your physique temperature is larger than regular
  • You might be pregnant and have sudden or extreme swelling of your ft
  • You will have tried the house treatment for swollen ft, to no avail
  • Your swollen ft are getting worse

In some circumstances, the signs of swollen ft can worsen, comparable to:

  • Ache, strain, or tightness within the chest space
  • Dizzy
  • Dazed
  • Really feel dizzy or faint
  • Problem respiratory or shortness of breath

There could also be indicators and signs of swollen ft that weren't listed above. When you have any issues about sure signs of swollen ft, seek the advice of your physician.

When ought to I see a health care provider?

Whereas swollen ft aren't one thing to fret about, generally they could be a signal of one thing extra critical.

You must go to the hospital instantly when you expertise any of the above signs.


What causes swollen ft?

There are various causes of swollen ft. Swollen ft may also unfold to the ankles and soles of the ft. Most often, the reason for swollen ft is expounded to sure way of life elements, comparable to:

Being obese (overweight)

Being obese can lower blood circulation, inflicting fluid buildup in your ft, ankles and ft.

Too lengthy exercise

Standing or sitting for a very long time prevents the legs from pumping physique fluids again to the guts as a result of the muscle mass will not be energetic at the moment.

The reason for swollen ft may also be because of using sure medication. Some medicines that may trigger swollen ft embrace:

  • Steroids
  • Estrogen or testosterone
  • A number of antidepressants, together with tricyclics and MAO inhibitors
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) together with ibuprofen, naproxen, celecoxib, and aspirin
  • Coronary heart illness medicines comparable to amplodipine and difedipine
  • Some diabetes medicines embrace metformin

As well as, a majority of these medication can lower blood circulation by growing blood viscosity. Nicely, that is what causes swollen ft.

You’ll want to seek the advice of a health care provider when you suspect that your medicine is inflicting swelling within the decrease extremities. Don’t cease utilizing the drug till you could have consulted your physician first.

Different doable causes of swollen ft embrace:

Congestive kidney failure

Congestive kidney failure happens when blood doesn't pump sufficient blood to different organs and tissues.

When one or two elements of the guts don't pump blood out, blood builds up within the coronary heart or clogs in organs or tissues, inflicting blood to construct up within the circulatory system. Together with blood circulation within the legs. This causes swollen ft.

Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) happens when there’s a blood clot in a vein. When blood clots kind within the leg veins, it may well intervene with blood stream, inflicting swelling and discomfort.


Thrombophlebitis is irritation of the blood vessels that impacts the blood clotting course of. When this occurs, the blood stream within the space slows down and ultimately types a small clot within the blood vessel.

Irritation of the blood vessels could cause painful, purple, and swollen areas of the pores and skin, particularly within the arms or legs.

Venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a well being drawback that happens when the blood vessels can't pump blood adequately, inflicting blood to gather within the legs and inflicting them to swell.


Pericarditis is a long-term irritation of the pericardium, which is the sac-like membrane across the coronary heart. This situation causes problem respiratory and persistent and extreme swelling of the ft and ankles.


Lymphedema, often known as lymphatic obstruction, lymphedema causes blockages within the lymphatic system. This technique consists of lymph nodes and blood vessels that assist carry fluids all through the physique.

Blockages within the lymphatic system trigger tissue to grow to be swollen with fluid, leading to swelling within the legs and arms.

Hormonal modifications

Pure hormonal modifications comparable to elevated ranges of the hormones estrogen and progesterone can lower circulation within the legs, leading to swelling. These modifications in hormone ranges can happen throughout being pregnant and a girl's menstrual cycle.


Preeclampsia causes hypertension throughout being pregnant. Elevated blood strain could cause poor circulation and swelling of the face, fingers and ft.

Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a situation of extreme damage to the liver, which is usually attributable to alcohol abuse or an infection (hepatitis B or C). This situation could cause hypertension and poor circulation within the ft, ankles and soles.

Kidney failure

When the kidneys fail to perform correctly, waste merchandise and fluids can construct up within the physique. This causes swelling of the ft and swelling of the ankles, and soles of the ft.

Nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney dysfunction when the kidneys excrete an excessive amount of protein within the urine from the physique. This situation causes swelling (edema), particularly within the ft and ankles and will increase the chance of different well being issues.

An infection or damage

Each time you could have a reduce, scrape, or a extra critical wound within the leg space, the physique multiplies the manufacturing of white blood cells and fluid to the realm to assault overseas substances that trigger an infection.

That is what causes swollen ft. Nevertheless, if the wound is already contaminated, chances are you’ll expertise swollen ft that aren’t solely in a single space.

Harm or trauma

Accidents from accidents, sports activities, falls, and so on. that hit the foot or ankle trigger elevated blood stream to the realm. Lastly, there was a swollen leg. That is the physique's pure response to an damage.

Arthritis and different joint issues

Another circumstances that may trigger swollen ft are gout, knee bursitis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Filariasis is a swollen leg which can be known as elephantiasis. You possibly can expertise ache or swelling of physique elements for a very long time, together with the legs.

There could also be a number of causes of swollen ft that weren’t listed above. In case you are involved about different doable causes of swollen ft, don't hesitate to seek the advice of a health care provider instantly. The physician will present extra full and correct data to you.

Threat elements

What will increase my danger of leg swelling?

There are various elements that enhance the chance of leg swelling, together with:

  • Doing just a little bodily exercise, comparable to sitting, mendacity down, standing too lengthy
  • Have varicose veins, which is a typical reason behind thromophlebitis
  • Set up a pacemaker within the central vein to deal with sure medical circumstances
  • Are pregnant or have just lately given delivery
  • Taking contraception drugs or doing hormone remedy
  • Have a household historical past of blood clotting problems
  • Have had thrombophlebitis earlier than
  • Have had a stroke
  • Are over 60 years of age
  • Obese (obese) or weight problems
  • Have most cancers
  • Smoke

When you have a number of danger elements as talked about above, seek the advice of a health care provider instantly to find out an efficient prevention technique in keeping with your wants.


What are the doable problems of swollen legs?

As defined above, the causes of swollen ft are numerous. Starting from gentle to extreme.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate this situation. If not handled correctly, swelling within the ft, ankles, or ft could cause critical problems. Listed here are a number of the problems which will happen from swollen ft together with:

Pulmonary embolism

Blood clots that happen within the legs can break off and stream to the lungs, which might block the arteries within the lungs. As a result of the clot blocks blood stream to the lungs, it may be life-threatening if not handled instantly.

Taking measures to stop blood clots in your legs will assist defend you from pulmonary embolism.

Publish thrombotic syndrome

This situation can happen months and even years after you could have had deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This situation could cause long-term ache resulting in swelling, heaviness within the affected leg, and even paralysis.

Medication & Treatment

The data offered shouldn’t be an alternative choice to medical recommendation. ALWAYS seek the advice of your physician for extra data.

How are swollen ft identified?

Throughout your go to, your physician will carry out a bodily examination and ask about your signs.

To assist diagnose the reason for swollen ft, your physician could order a number of of the next exams:

  • Blood check
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrocardiogram

What are the medicines for swollen ft?

In case your swelling is expounded to way of life habits or a minor damage, your physician will probably offer you a house treatment for swelling of the ft. This swollen leg medicine could be began by resting, enhancing meals consumption, and so forth.

In case your swelling is the results of one other underlying well being situation, your physician will first attempt to deal with that particular situation.

Swelling could be decreased with prescription medicines, comparable to diuretics. Nevertheless, these prescription swollen ft medicines could cause unwanted side effects, and are often solely used if dwelling treatments don't work.

In critical circumstances, your physician could carry out surgical procedure to deal with your swelling.

Residence treatments

Methods to take care of swollen ft?

Reporting from Healthline, a number of methods to take care of swollen ft at dwelling embrace:

  • Elevate your leg everytime you lie down. The legs must be raised in order that they’re larger than the guts. Chances are you’ll need to place pillows beneath your ft to make them extra snug.
  • Keep energetic and give attention to stretching and transferring your legs.
  • Reduce in your salt consumption, which might scale back the quantity of fluid that may construct up in your ft.
  • Keep away from sporting garters and different kinds of tight clothes round your thighs.
  • In case you are obese or overweight, attempt to lose the perfect weight in keeping with your peak.
  • Put on compression stockings or socks.
  • Stand or stroll at the very least as soon as each hour, particularly when you stay sitting or standing for lengthy durations of time.
  • If the reason for your swollen ft is because of the unwanted side effects of utilizing sure medication, you must instantly seek the advice of a health care provider. By no means cease, scale back, or enhance a dose of medicine with out your physician's permission. The physician will present different drug choices that fit your situation.


Methods to forestall leg swelling?

Sitting throughout lengthy flights or in a automobile for too lengthy could cause your ankles and calves to swell, growing the chance of thrombophlebitis. To assist forestall blood clots in your legs, listed below are some issues you must do:

Take a stroll

In case you are taking an extended journey that takes you hours by aircraft, practice, or bus, take the time to rise up out of your seat or stroll down the aisle as soon as each hour. In case you are driving, cease each hour and transfer.

Transfer your ft recurrently

To keep away from foot swelling, flex your ankle by gently turning it, or by gently urgent your foot in opposition to the ground at the very least 10 instances each hour.

Put on unfastened garments

Each time you’re on an extended journey, keep away from sporting garments or pants made out of denims, which make it tough so that you can transfer. As well as, keep away from sporting tight stockings, leggings or socks.

Drink numerous water

To keep away from swollen ft, get sufficient fluids by consuming at the very least eight glasses of water a day (about 2 liters) to keep away from dehydration. Nevertheless, it’s as much as you to evaluate how a lot water you want. Water necessities range between people.

It’s best to drink everytime you really feel thirsty, in order that your water wants are met.

Watch your meals consumption

For some folks with a historical past of sure illnesses, meals could be one of many causes of swollen ft. Due to this fact, at all times be sure you take note of the meals consumption you eat every day.

Eat numerous fruit, greens and keep away from numerous meals which might be excessive in salt, fats and sugar.

Seek the advice of a health care provider

Should you do have a historical past of sure illnesses comparable to kidney, liver, coronary heart and different cardiovascular illnesses, make a routine session with a health care provider. That is in order that your physician can monitor your situation correctly.

When you have any questions, seek the advice of your physician to know the perfect answer for you.

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