20 Benefits of Roses for Health and Beauty

What are benefits of roses flower for health? – Among the many types of flowers is rose, especially red roses can be said to be the most famous. This is inseparable from the beautiful and beautiful shape and since ancient times has been used as a symbol of love and beauty. So often red rose becomes an option for many men when giving gifts to their partner. Even in the songs even red roses are the names of flowers that are often used either as the title or the lyrics of the song.

What are benefits of roses flower health and skin beauty?

Roses have many benefits for health, beauty include:

  1. Increase metabolism
    Not only beautiful red roses can also be consumed and bring many health benefits. One of them to increase body metabolism.
  2. Remove the toxins from the body
    The foods we eat, the air we breathe, and exposure to other substances can not be guaranteed 100% free from toxins. There are many toxins that accumulate in our bodies which if left to endanger health. To get rid of these toxins from the body we can take advantage of red roses.
  3. Lose weight
    By eating a handful of red rose petals can make the stomach feel full so as to reduce appetite. This is certainly very good for those of you who want to lose weight. In addition to consumed directly red roses can also be consumed by drinking boiled water.
  4. Good for sexual activityEating red rose petals directly is also beneficial to increase sexual arousal and increase energy so that your sexual activity also become better and better quality.
  5. Overcoming stress and depression
    Aroma red rose essence also has a sedative or soothing effect that can be used to relieve stress and depression. The easiest way to fun is to put a number of red rose petals into warm water used for bathing or bathing. The smell of red roses will come out and be inhaled during the bath so it can help cope with stress and depression.
  6. Overcoming the symptoms of hemorrhoids
    Red roses have a high fiber and water content so that if consumed will help cleanse digestion from various toxins. The trick is to make a concoction of a handful of rose petals mixed with 50ml cooking water and then crushed until smooth until the herb becomes viscous. This herb is taken for 3 consecutive days before eating or when the stomach is empty.
  7. Overcoming irritation on sensitive skin
    Sensitive skin owners are susceptible to irritation due to the use of cosmetic products. To overcome this we can use red roses water so that the skin is irritated healthy again.
  8. Overcoming oily skin
    Oily skin owners can also use red rose water to overcome the excess oil on the skin of his face. Where red rose water can balance the oil content on the facial skin.
  9. Make facial skin soft and fresh
    Red rose is also known as a natural astringent so it can help refresh and soften facial skin.
  10. Decrease facial pores
    Facial skin with large pores really unsightly so we can easily find various beauty products that claim to shrink the pores of the face. If you want a natural medicine then you can use red rose water to shrink the pores of the face. Way by sprinkling red roses on the face that has been cleaned.
  11. Overcoming acne
    Red roses can also be used to treat acne on the face. Way by making a mask of red rose water and fenugreek seeds. This seed is soaked with a little water then add red rose water. This mixture is then stirred to a paste. Use as a mask for about 20 minutes. After that use cold rose water to wash your face.
  12. Moisturize and brighten the color of the lips
    To get this benefit we can make a concoction of a mixture of crushed red rose petals, a few drops of honey, and milk cream as much as a spoon. This herb is stirred into a paste. This paste is applied to the lips and allowed to stand for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinsed. With regular usage then your lips will be moist and bright natural.
  13. Overcoming bad breath
    Bad mouth odor can make a person unconfident. Bad breath can be caused by several factors such as the type of food consumed and less maintain oral hygiene. Red rose water can be used to solve this problem. How to gargle-rinse using red roses regularly.
  14. As an ingredient to make conditioner
    Red roses, especially water, can be used as a natural conditioner to nourish hair. Way by mixing red rose water with vitamin E and coconut oil. This herb can then be applied to hair like other conditioner.
  15. Maintain eye health
    A variety of pollution and dust around us can cause the eyes to become irritated. To prevent and overcome eye health problems such as sore eyes or red we can take advantage of red roses water. Way by dripping a few drops of red rose water into the eyes and silenced briefly.
  16. Overcoming swelling or inflammation of the feet
    Red roses also have anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to overcome inflammation. Way by boiling a red rose with 40 gram sembung leaves. This herb is then drunk regularly until the swelling on the foot healed.
  17. Overcoming a dry cough
    Affected by dry cough is painful because it makes the throat and chest pain. To fix this we can take advantage of red roses that have been dried and boiled with water and a little sugar stone. This herb is then drunk regularly until the cough healed.
  18. Flower made
    Red roses are popularly used as gifts, ornaments / decorations, or for other purposes so that in many red roses stores are one commodity that is always available. This makes the red roses have a high enough economic value so cultivated in bulk.
  19. As an ornamental plant
    Red rose flowers are the top choice for most people to cultivate a home or garden yard. With the beauty of red roses can beautify the look of the yard or garden so that makes people feel at home sitting there.
  20. As a raw material for making perfume
    Red rose is also famous for its fragrant smell so that this flower oil is also used as raw material in making perfume. How to crush the leaves of the crown and then distilled and evaporated. Rose oil is what will be processed to become perfume.

So many and complete the benefits of red roses for beauty, health, and the economy so there is no harm in cultivating this plant around your home. It has been wonderfully useful too.

That is benefits of roses flower for health, hope this article useful.

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