Benefits of avocado for pregnancy

Benefits of Avocado for Pregnant Women and Fetuses

What are benefits of avocado for pregnancy? – You may wondering what makes avocado benefits for pregnancy, in this article we will cover some benefits of avocado during pregnant. The Latin name of the avocado is Persea Americana. Fruit derived from Mexico has become one of the recommended fruits as a healthy food for pregnant women.

A hospital of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where Harvard University is affiliated, explains at least that pregnant women have a guide that needs to be scrutinized. When pregnancy is a good time to review the nutritional habits again. Pregnant women need to consult and care if experiencing nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and loss of body weight.

What are benefits of avocado for pregnancy?

Here are some benefits of avocado for pregnancy (pregnant women):

1. Prevent deformity in the baby to be born

Folic acid for babies is important in the development of organs. Lack of folic acid causes bone deformity in the baby before birth. Deformity is an irregular arrangement of permanent teeth due to a jaw disturbance that is currently undergoing development, the ceiling is too curved in shape, in the future the milk tooth is delayed to date.

2. Prevent neurological defects in the fetus

In addition to preventing deformity, folic acid in avocado benefits also prevents the occurrence of nerve defects in the fetus. Pregnant women can eat avocados as much as half a cup, in each slice contains 59 mg of folic acid.

3. Preventing complications

During pregnancy there is a condition of a mother experiencing fatigue, then folic acid is known to prevent complications, anemia, insomnia, sudden mood swings and preeclampsia. Preclammsia is high blood pressure in pregnant women, the cause of high mortality in infants, because it causes poisoning in infants. Such cases can occur 5-8% in pregnancy.

4. Calcium intake

During pregnancy the needs of the body rise multiply. So it is appropriate to note the diet of calcium. This is where the role of avocado to fulfill it. Benefits of calcium for pregnant women as a substance builder and bone formation in infants.

5. Contains with Vitamin C

Vitamin C in pregnant women is to accelerate the absorption of iron (Fe) in the body. This is because pregnant women often experience anemia. How to keep pregnancy to stay healthy by consuming vitamin C chemicals feared to experience the advantages. This is not good because it can cause miscarriage, because vitamin C causes greater pressure on progesterone.

 6. Full of vitamin E

In this case vitamin E can produce prolactin hormone. When a pregnant woman is deprived of this eating hormone will cause an influence on her emotional state and besides very instrumental in metabolism, Vitamin E will provide a comfortable environment for the baby. In addition to pregnant women themselves can be as antiaging.

7. Contains Vitamin K

Almost the same as vitamin E function. Not only that vitamin E also functions in the formation of red blood cells. In addition to blood clotting, vitamin K also plays a role in bone formation for the fetus, as nutritional pregnant women who must be met.

8. Rich will B1 and B2 also B6

How to cope with nausea during pregnancy young with vitamin B1 and B2 intake can also be met by the benefits of avocado for pregnant women. Especially vitamin B6 which can reduce morning sickness that is often experienced by pregnant women. B1 otherwise known as Tiamin, is known to reduce morning sickness and vomiting.

Especially at the end of pregnancy to prepare for birth and post-breastfeeding. B2, known as riboflavin. This becomes an important element to help decomposition of fetuses. Vitamin B6 is often known as Pridoxin, which is important as the mother’s endurance is pregnant.

9. Avocados prevent anemia

A pregnant woman is often iron deficient (Fe) resulting in anemia. Avocado itself is rich in iron benefits for pregnant women so it takes a few pieces of avocado enough to meet this need.

10. Improve digestive function

During pregnancy especially at the end of pregnancy a pregnant woman experiences constipation. Benefits of avocado fruit for pregnant women, has a lot of fiber because the body requires fiber to digest food well. In addition, avocado itself can improve bowel movement better.

What are benefits of avocado for pregnancy?

11. Reduce digestive inflammation in pregnant women.

Avocados contain carotenoids belonging to beta carotene and lycopene which are important nutrients. It can reduce inflammation of the stomach and inflammation of the mucous layer in the small intestine. All this because enzymes in the benefits of avocado and nutrients contained therein.

12. Increase the absorption of nutrients

In addition to providing many nutrients, the benefits of avocado for pregnant women will help in the absorption of nutrients. Research also shows that eating avocado can increase carotenoid absorption in the body. Carotenoids alone are derived from vitamin A present in the avocado.

Its function is to prevent the fetus from getting an eye disease or disorder. Pregnant women can enjoy a cup of avocado containing 22 mg of choline in aiding in brain and nerve development.

13. Drug cramps in pregnant women

Leg cramps in pregnant women is a common problem experienced. Eating fruits for pregnant women like avocado, then a pregnant woman will get potassium that helps reduce cramps.

14. Lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Avocados consumed can lower cholesterol in the blood and also can lower blood sugar levels. In a study of dietary diets, avocados gave significant results in lowering total cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol increased by 11%.

From other studies can lower bad cholesterol levels by 17%. High cholesterol can trigger heart disease, so avocado can prevent it. For sugar levels and insulin response itself will be more suppressed because of the satiety that has been generated from the avocado.

15. Avocados make pregnant women full quickly

Avocado as much as 3.4 grams with the existing fiber will make pregnant women feel full longer. Oleic acid in the avocado will activate part of the brain that makes pregnant women feel full. Benefits of avocado untul pregnant women there is healthy unsaturated fats and proven to produce greater satiety compared to saturated fat and weak trans in the processed.

16. Brain food for pregnant women

One of the brain foods is avocado. According to Dr. Daniel G, found avocado as one of the best brain food and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Omega 3 in fatty acids and vitamin E in the avocado is proven to stop Alzheimer’s disease.

17. Protect the eyes of pregnant women

For eye protection for pregnant women due to consuming avocado will be able to increase lituein. This lituein avoids macular degenaration and cataracts.

18. Reduce the risk of stroke for pregnant women

Benefits of avocado for pregnant women can reduce strokes due to high folic acid. Pregnant women who consume avocados will have less risk of stroke than those who do not or little consume other foods containing folate.

19. Protect the baby before birth

Eat one cup of avocado or meet a quarter of daily intake of folate which will reduce the risk of the baby born in a state of disability.

20. Avocados are better protected from pesticides

Often we encounter fruit treated with pesticide chemicals to grow well. But for the avocado itself has a thick skin. For the fruit itself will be protected from pesticides from plantations.

Thus For pregnant women, make sure essential needs such as folic acid can be met perfectly. Because normally pregnant women need folic acid as much as 400 mcg per day, compared to not pregnant which only need 180 mcg. Make sure the prenatal supply is also complete with the necessary vitamins. Good luck.

Avocado fruit is relatively safe to enjoy, only if a pregnant woman has an allergy then need to be avoided. And to reduce contamination, avocados before eating need to be washed first.

Thank you for reading article about benefits of avocado for pregnancy. Hope this article useful to you.

Just for information, avocado also have benefits for skin

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