The Benefits of Avocados for a Natural and Fast Diet

The Benefits of Avocados for a Natural and Fast Diet

What Benefits of Avocados for a Natural and Fast Diet? – Getting a slim and sexy ideal posture seems to be a dream for many people, especially a women. There are many types of weight loss programs or diets that can be done easily now according to your taste. But there also who prefer using instant products to lose weight because it is not complicated and the results can be seen quickly.

Eating instant products as an alternative weight loss is not prohibited but you should avoid it. Why? Because consumption of diet drugs in the long term can make various diseases in the body such as cancer for example. Of course you do not want it?

Well, instead of the use of diet drugs you should use natural ingredients only because it is safer and certainly healthy. indeed the results may be longer than using instant diet drug products but the results will last longer by using this natural way. just calm down because this natural way is easy and easy to do not by cutting the portion of food so much that it can torture you.

Avocado for Diet

Diet using fruits you may have heard before but with diet using avocado fruit is still a new thing is not it? Avocado is a unique fruit because it looks like a bell with dark green skin and a distinctive creamy flavor.

Then why the avocado fruit  can help you to lose weight? This is because in the avocado contains fiber, carbohydrates, fats and also sugar. The content that is in the avocado is perfect for the needs of the body and can be one of the foods that become the mainstay menu when you diet. But unfortunately many people are actually afraid to consume avocado because it is considered to make fat because there are sugar and fat content.

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This is of course not true, because the fat and sugar in the avocado is a type of unsaturated fat is very good for health because it contains good cholesterol (HDL) and the amount of sugar in the avocado was a little so it will not make you fat  instead control weight. If you eat avocado you will definitely get a creamy taste and not sweet is it?

Nutritional content inside avocado fruit

Inside the avocado contains MUFA (Mono Unsatured Fatty Acid) a type of unsaturated fat is very good for health and levels are very high. the function of MUFA itself is very good as a lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL) and can shed bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood vessels and can widen the blood vessels so that the blood flow becomes more fluent.

The fat present in the avocado is oleic acid in which oleic acid is present in many food sources such as olives, almonds, salmon and others containing omega 3.

Other ingredients in the avocado are fiber. As we know that fiber is a substance that is in the diet and the largest in plant foods that have a major function to facilitate digestion.

Fiber in the stomach will turn into a gel which then makes food to clot like a jelly so it will cause a longer satiety and eventually you will not be easily hungry.

What are the advantages of this? Of course your weight will be controlled and not easily fat because it does not eat much but still feels full. In addition, fiber also prevents you from constipation and other digestive disorders.


After seeing the nutritional content in the avocado fruit and the benefits would you have no reason not to diet using the help of this avocado fruit? but maybe it’s a lot of people who do not like avocado because it’s tasteless. You can still consume them tastefully by making it into various types of processed foods and beverages such as avocado juice for example. When making avocado juice is not recommended to use a lot of sugar instead you should not add sugar. The addition of this sugar will actually make you fat and could be you fail on a diet that is being done.

Rather to being made into juice, you can process it into a salad along with other vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, strawberries and other fruits which are then sprinkled with olive oil and mayonnaise. The taste to be generated is very tasty and unique so it can be a mandatory dish when you diet. Avocado fruit can also be eaten directly because it tastes good too. Selection of the menu will certainly depend on your individual taste.

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