What are benefits of cranberry fruit for health?

Benefits of Cranberry Fruits For Health

What are benefits of cranberry fruit for health? – When hearing the word Cranberry surely we can imagine that this fruit has an acidic taste because it is included in the Berries or Berry class. True, Cranberries fruit is included in the class and has a sour taste as well as wry. Despite the taste, cranberry have such a benefits for health, just like the other fruits. Before we jump to the benefits of cranberry, it is better to know what inside this fruit.

Nutritional Content of Cranberry Fruit

Cranberry Fruit Contains many nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin B Carotene, Vitamin C, Low Calorie, Lutein, Folate, Potassium, and Magnesium make this fruit has many benefits for our body.

So what are the benefits of Cranberry for health of our body? :

Cranberry Effective Avoiding Diabetes

Cranberries do not contain much sugar but have Vitamin C that can help us avoid Diabetes. Consuming this fruit enough to avoid Diabetes disease alias to prevent. Compared to Strawberry, sugar content in Cranberries is less.

Cranberry Fruit can protect us from bad bacteria

Consuming fruit Cranberries can also help ward off bad bacteria in our body. Because Cranberries also contain flavanoid compounds manifold pro-anthoyanidins that are able to resist bad bacteria either want to enter the body or in the body.

Cranberry Fruits For skin health

Berry flocks give a beneficial effect and benefits to our body especially the skin. Cranberries can provide the additional intake needed for the skin and it can nourish the skin as well as regenerate it. In addition it can reduce wrinkles and make skin tighter.

Cranberries Avoid cancer

What are benefits of cranberry fruit for health? – Cranberry fruit that contains many nutrients can help us to avoid cancer. This fruit has very much Vitamin C  to be an antioxidant in our body. In addition to cancer, this fruit can also protect us from other harmful disease such as tumor and anti-imflamation.

Effectively Avoid high blood pressure

High blood pressure is difficult to avoid because it refers to one’s emotions. It is also influenced by the lifestyle of one of them food intake. Cranberries can smooth the bloodstream and standardize our HDL. This is related to cholesterol levels to high blood pressure.


Good for  digestion

The content of Vitamin C helps our digestion to be smooth. And fruit Cranberries contain lots of Vitamin C. Consuming this fruit will make food intake well processed in our stomach and intestines.


Overcoming poisoning

What are benefits of cranberry fruit for health? – Because Cranberries fruit can repel bad bacteria, then consuming this fruit can also overcome poisoning. Health experts also say that the fruit of Cranberries can be an intake for those who have recently been poisoned from both food and medicine.

Helps on diet

What are benefits of cranberry fruit for health? – Fruit Cranberries have a delicious flavor when processed or eaten directly. Behind it because of its low calorie content, this fruit fits into a diet menu like the berries of other Berry classes. You are on a diet please consume this fruit on a regular basis.

Well, there is some of benefits of cranberry fruit for health. Hope this article useful. You might also want to know benefits of cranberry juice? check it.

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