What are benefits of duku for health?

The benefits of duku for health

What are Benefits of Duku Fruits? – This small round fruit is often consumed only as a dessert, but this fruit can be used optimally as jam, stuffing pudding, and others. When duku still raw its has greenish color and it tastes sour, if the color has begun yellowish, this is a sign that the duku fruit is already cooked and has a more sweet taste. Sometimes there is a thought that the duku fruit is bitter, but the bitter taste is generated if it bites the seeds in it.

Health Benefits of Duku

What are Benefits of Duku Fruits? – Here are some of the benefits of fruit for health that you should know:

1. Source of Antioxidant

Duku fruit contains the benefits of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidant itself is a nutrient that works to avoid the body from damage caused by free radicals. This damage is usually caused by a process of digestion that converts food into energy in the body. Antioxidants also play a role to prevent the body from damage caused by pollution and toxic substances.

2. Prevent Premature Aging

Usefulness of other duku fruit that will prevent premature aging. One of the factors causing premature aging is due to free radicals. As mentioned above, vitamin C in this fruit is very effective to keep the body from free radical attack.

Vitmain C is also useful for protecting lipid proteins, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates from damage caused by free radicals or pollution or toxins.

3. Strengthening Teeth

Duku fruit efficacious to strengthen the teeth because of the phosphorus content in it. Teeth will become strong and healthy if often consume this fruit. It can also be optimized by consuming the benefits of strawberrry for dental health.

4. Maintaining Gum Health

Gum health can be treated by consuming vitamin C. As already mentioned that the fruit duku have vitamin C content that many so nutritious to maintain healthy gums. Vitamin C content is also widely found in:

5. Improving the Immune System

Vitamin C is needed for everyone to keep their body healthy. The content of vitamin C in the fruit duku efficacious to maintain immunity and efficacious also for people who are in the recovery period.

6. Lose Weight

What are Benefits of Duku Fruits? – Duku fruit is not suspected it can also be used to lose weight. Duku fruit will help the body to get carnitine. Carnitine will direct the fat molecule to a fat-burning tissue. These fat molecules should be considered for anyone who is losing weight because if there is a lack of fat molecules, the body will feel tired and lack of energy.

So, if the carnitine in the body decreases fat accumulation will occur. Duku fruit can also be consumed along with the benefits of apples for those who are undergoing a diet program.

7. Radiating the Digestive System

Duku fruits contain very high fiber so useful for digestion. This is as it is also found in the benefits of papaya fruit. In addition, this fruit is also nutritious to prevent cancer in the digestive tract. The content of calories, minerals and iron in the fruit duku also more when compared with apples or sweet oranges.

8. Maintain Skin Health

Skin health can be maintained with frequent consume foods that contain vitamin E benefits. Duku fruit also contains vitamin E so effective to maintain skin health such as:

9. Controlling Cholesterol Levels

The metabolism of cholesterol in the body will become bile acids. For people with cholesterol disease, this can be helped by frequent consumption of duku fruit.

10. Overcoming Diarrhea and Fever

Duku fruit efficacious can effectively treat diarrhea and also beneficial to reduce heat or high fever. To makes it also pretty easy too:

  • Take the seeds of duku
  • Pound the seeds until smooth
  • Mix with water
  • Drink once a day.

11. Expel the Mosquitoes

What are Benefits of Duku Fruits? – In addition to the fruit is rich in benefits, it turns out duku skin also has the benefit of mosquito repellent or insects such as the benefits of bay leaves. It’s easy, by burning the skin of duku fruit when it will be used as a mosquito repellent or insect.

12. Treatment of Skin Health Problems

What are Benefits of Duku Fruits? – Duku fruit is not only nutritious for health, but also useful for the skin such as acne, smoothing the skin, to treat itching due to insect bites. The trick is just by rubbing the skin of duku fruit into the face of acne or skin itching.

That is the benefit of duku fruit for our health. So no longer a reason not to consume this one fruit.

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