What is benefits of erbis fruit for health and nutritional value?

Benefits of Erbis Fruit For Health

The benefits of erbis fruit – This fruit is included as one type of passion fruit with a larger shape and oval than other types of passion fruit. This plant can flourish in areas with low land. soil pH with a number of about 5.5 to 6.5 to be a very appropriate medium for growing erbis fruit. This plant does not require much water so it is more comfortable to grow on dry land.

Nutrition Content of Erbis Fruit

The fruitsof erbis contain various types of nutrients that are very important to our body. Although in some areas this plant is only used as a living fence plant. Every 100 grams of erbis contains some ingredients such as:

  • energy (72kcal)
  • protein (0.5 grams)
  • carbohydrates (19 grams)
  • calcium (10 mg)
  • phosphorus (50 mg)
  • iron (1 mg)
  • vitamin A (10 IU)
  • vitamin C (a16 mg)

The fruits of erbis contain a variety of nutrients that are essential for health. Consumption of erbis fruit can actually be done in an easy way. You can process it into juice or fruit for a snack. Natural taste of sweet, sour and refreshing erbis.

Here are some of the benefits of erbis fruit for health:

1. Maintain Bowel Health

In every 100 grams of erbis contains about 64 grams of soluble fiber which means that this type of fiber is very good for maintaining intestinal health. The benefits of soluble fiber in the fruits of erbis is very good for improving the process of amylase of the intestine is a process that can help change the complex sugar from food into simple sugars that can go straight into the digestive system. Fiber also lowers pH and ammonia levels in the intestine so it is very good for maintaining intestinal health.

The benefits of the fruits of erbis can also overcome the problem of bacterial imbalance in the intestine and prevent the possibility of tumos or colon cancer. Fiber is also good for preventing poultry and hemorrhoids.

2. Prevent Asthma

According to a study developed in Iran it is known that jelly and erbis skin contains special compounds and acids that can prevent asthma attacks for people with asthma at various scales.

The fruits of erbis also contain high antioxidant benefits that can overcome cancer and heart disease. The content of the flavonoid fruit compound can also be a natural antihistamine that prevents pain and tightness in people with asthma. Even the fruits of erbis can also overcome allergies and fever in people with asthma.

3. Prevent Heart Disease

The content of polyphenols in the fruits of erbis contains enormous benefits for maintaining heart health. The content of this compound can overcome the problem of blood vessels and keep blood vessels relaxed so as to cope with stress on blood vessels. Compounds and nutrients in the fruits of this erbis can also maintain heart health because it can support blood vessel work and overcome the damage of blood vessel system.

4. Prevent Cancer

Benefits The fruits of erbis contain high alkaloid and antioxidant compounds and can act as health agents that overcome free radical substances. In addition, erbis also contains phytochemicals such as carotenoids and polyphenols that can prevent the emergence of cancer cells. Types of acids found in erbis fruit such as linoleic, oleic, palmitic and strearite acids can prevent breast cancer risk.

The fruit of the erbis is also important to overcome various types of fungal growth in the body, to overcome the various types of possible diseases caused by free radical substances.

5. Overcoming Sleep Disorders

Difficulty sleeping disorders such as insomnia can cause some types of diseases such as heart attack and cancer. This is because the body organs and cells in the body do not get the right oxygen supply. Eat fruit can overcome sleep disorders because it can cause a calming effect for thoughts and feelings. Eating fruits is recommended for all people who have trouble sleeping disorders.

6. Overcoming anxiety

Anxiety becomes one of the feelings that can increase stress and can affect the work of organs in general. Many people then suffer from serious illness just because they often feel anxious all the time. Anxiety disorders that last for a long time can also cause problems in blood pressure such as hypertension.

The content of erbis fruit filled with soothing effects can overcome the problem of anxiety disorders. Consumption in the form of juice or preserved with frozen can be a good solution to overcome anxiety.

7. Prevent Anemia

Anemia is one of the disorders caused by the lack of hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia attacks many women and adolescents who have undergone a period of menstrual cycles. If  anemia is not treated then it can cause the patient to lose productive periods because anemia will cause the body to become weaker.

Eat fruit contains the benefits of iron and phosphorus is very good for increasing the content of hemoglobin in the blood. Regular consumption may reduce the risk of anemia and prevent anemia from recurring.

8. Antioxidant Source

The fruit of the erbis also contains a very high source of antioxidants. High content of antioxidants can overcome the growth of various types of cancer. In addition, antioxidants are also very good to prevent the problem of premature aging and maintain healthy skin, nails and hair.

Damage to various types of free radicals in the body not only cause cancer but can also affect skin health, causing memory loss disorder and various common health problems on organs. So the benefits of erbis are highly recommended as a source of natural antioxidants.

9. Assist Diet

Diet Program can be done by all people who have excess body weight. The fruits of erbis do not contain fat and calories are so high that it can be consumed as a fruit routine for the diet. In addition, the fruits of erbis can be one source of good calories without causing the body to become fat.

The content of soluble fiber in the fruits of erbis is very good for maintaining the digestive system and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. The benefits of the fruits of erbis are very good for making the mind more relaxed. Consumption of erbis fruit juice provides enormous benefits for health.

On the other side of the erbis can be a living fence that can make the environment a shelter.

Characteristics of Erbis Fruit Plants

An erbis plant is a type of plant that propagates and can flourish with many leaves and fruit. Plants can be grown with other types of crops such as coffee or large and tall tree species. stems of erbis plants will begin to spread at an age between one to two months.


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