What are benefits of gandaria fruit for health?

Benefits of Gandaria Fruit for Health

What are benefits of Gandaria Fruit for health? – The fruit taste sour-sweet if you eat directly. Gandaria fruit is a small round shape similar to marbles. The seed of the gandaria is purple.  The rich water content of this fruit makes gandaria juice refreshing our thirst.

Nutritional content of gandaria fruit

Gandaria fruit itself has a fairly complex nutritional content. This fruit rich of water, vitamin C, and fiber. It makes it has many benefits for our health.

Nutrition of gandaria per 100 grams:

  • Water 86.6 g
  • Protein 40 mg
  • Fat 20 mg
  • carbohydrate 11.3 g
  • Fiber 150 mg
  • Niacin 0.5 mg
  • Vitamin C 100 mg
  • Calcium 9 mg
  • Phosphorus 4 mg
  • 0.3 mg of iron
  • Beta carotene 23 mg
  • Thiamine 0.11 mg
  • Riboflavin 0.05 mg

Health Benefits of Gandaria Fruit

What are benefits of Gandaria Fruit for health? – From the various complex nutritional content of this fruit, many benefits to our health such as:

1. Skin Health

The content of vitamin C benefits in the fruit is quite a lot, even this fruit is classified as having the most vitamin C content. It is quite good in helping the formation of collagen tissue that nourish the skin. In addition, the content of beta-carotene in this fruit provides a good vitamin for the skin. And the water content of many, will always help moisturize the skin, so that our skin health will remain intact.

2. Accelerate Wound Healing

In addition to the formation of collagen, the benefits of gandaria fruit is also helps the metabolism of protein. Content rich in vitamin C and protein will make the stimulus of regeneration of cells in the body. So it will quickly help the process of healing the wound in the body, as also found in:

3. Increase Body Resistance

The rich water content of this fruit helps the absorption of iron more effectively done. Benefits of water that is supported by the iron content contained in this fruit, will increase the resistance of our body against infection of germs or viruses that attack the body.

4. Prevent Cancer

Water content up to 86.6 g is quite high and good for our digestive system. In addition, plus a lot of fiber content makes the time it takes the body to make the process of absorption of food more quickly and smoothly. It is good to prevent the occurrence of sediment that causes cancer in the digestive tract.


Studies have been conducted on female respondents indicating that women who consumed 26 g of fiber a day had a 25% lower risk of cancer than those with less fiber. The fiber content in this fruit is quite a lot and helps the body to prevent cancer risk.

5. Overcoming canker sores

Thrush occurs one of them due to lack of vitamin C. vitamin C consumption in need of the body will help the healing process of canker sores. Benefits of fruits that contain vitamin C, also helps heal bleeding gums. Needs vitamin C for the body in a day is 60 mg. Gandaria contains vitamin C more than 60 mg, which is good enough to help us cure canker sores.

6. Blood Circulation

We need to know that our body is 55% consists of water. Our bodies desperately need water with large quantities. The blood in our body alone is 82% of the water. Our blood needs water to keep the viscosity in the circulatory system. Gandaria fruit has a lot of water content as well as the benefits of dragon fruit. Drinking gandaria fruit juice provides a good water intake for our blood circulation becomes more fluent.

7. Maintain Brain Function

In addition to blood that needs water, the brain also needs water to maintain its function properly. Please note that 70% of our brain consists of water. By providing adequate water intake will keep the brain functioning, running well

8. Maintain Lung Function

Other organs that desperately need adequate water intake are the lungs. Its function is for the respiratory system, but 90% of the composition of the lungs is water. Benefits of this gandaria fruit has good nutrition to maintain lung function.

9. Neutralize toxins

Fulfillment of water requirements in the body is very important to maintain the function of our organs. Another important water function is to help regulate our body temperature with the process of sweating out. It is good for cleansing dirt and body poisons. In addition, water entering the body will help the reabsorption process faster. so urine can discharge body waste properly.


10. Assist Diet Program

Need we know that fiber is able to help you lose weight. Moreover, the fiber content in this fruit more than the fat content. So that the effect will be more affected by the fiber content. In addition, the adequacy of fiber in the body helps to make feelings full longer, as it also has the benefits of apples that are widely consumed while undergoing diet program.

11. Reducing Stroke Risk

From the results of various studies, it was found that fiber can bind cholesterol and throw it away with feces. The fiber content of up to 150 mg in this fruit will help bind cholesterol more effectively

. So the minimum cholesterol levels that have been tied, good for health to reduce the risk of stroke.

12. Heart Health

Research results published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition September 1999 found that fiber is a good antidote to fight heart disease. The study adds that by meeting the fiber requirement of 26 g per day preventing the risk of heart disease 40% lower.

There is no harm in eating fruits rich in fiber, so it will help us avoid heart disease.

13. Preventing Diabetes Risk

Another study conducted by the American medical association February 12, 1997, states that another fiber function is to prevent the risk of diabetes. Type of fiber consumed water-soluble fiber such as gandaria, can help improve the condition of diabetics, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

14. Eye health

Another content in gandaria that has benefits for our health is the content of beta carotene. Where the nutrients are useful to maintain the health of our eyes. Because beta carotene is a nutrient that quickly turns into the benefits of vitamin A that is absorbed by the body. We know that vitamin A is very good for eye health.

That is benefits of gandaria fruit for health, hope this article helpful. Thanks.

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