Health benefits of cermai fruit for health you might didn’t know

Benefits of Fruit Cermai For Health

What are benefits of a cermai fruit for health? – Fruit Cermai or which has the Latin name ‘Phyllanthus Acidos’ is a fruit that does not grow in any place. The shape of this fruit is like a dense flower that is bright yellowish green and the flesh is whitish. The meat is watery and has a pretty sour and sour taste. Of course this fruit has beneficial benefits for our health.

Nutritional Content of Fruit Cermai

Judging from its contents, Cermai fruit contains high Vitamin C, calories, minerals, carbohydrates, crude fiber, kalisum, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, and ribloflavin in the meat.

What are Benefits of Fruit Cermai For Health?

Treating Constipation

The benefits of a cermai fruit for health is to treat constipation. Because it contains lots of Vitamin C, Cermai fruit has the benefit of digestion and overcome constipation. Just like other vitamin C fruit, this fruit is suitable for intestinal cleansing.

Healing Asthma

What are benefits of a cermai fruit for health? – For people with asthma, good news for you. For fruit Cermai was able to treat asthma. The trick with recycled pieces of six seeds Cermai fruit with a few glasses of water. Add the red onions, roots kara, litchi, and a little sugar according to taste. Drink until the breath feels again recovered.

Relieve Cancer

The most amazing, fruit Cermai also has benefits for our health, especially for people with cancer. Treatment of Cancer disease does not cost a bit. But try the consumption of fruit Cermai to get a pretty good result. Boil the fruit Cermai with leaf blend leaves, Upas Bidara, Gadung Cing, and sugar. Then drink.

Healthy Skin

Vitamin C contained in fruit Cermai provide benefits to our skin. The skin will be bright, clean, and soft. Vitamin C plays an important role for skin health affairs. Therefore try this fruit consumption in any form because vitamin C is high. What’s more for those who have problems with acne and dull skin.

Slimming the Body

Because digestion, fruit Cermai fruit that can help slimming the body. Did you know that acid foods can make the stomach to be singset? Well, fruits that have a sour Cermai also can make the stomach becomes more singset when consumed regularly. This is because the digestion is supported and the appetite is reduced slightly due to the taste of acid on the tongue.

Adding Immunity

What are benefits of a cermai fruit for health?  – Fruit Cermai contains nutrients that can increase our immune system. Nutritional enough as a regular nutritional enhancer. This is also due to the Flavonoids that make antioxidants. But do not also excessive consumption.

Healthy Bones

Another benefit is the fruit Cermai can nourish the bones. Calcium and iron contained in this fruit can help nourish the bones to keep strong and not porous. Bones will be stronger.

Good For The Body Growth

Fruit Cermai into a good fruit is consumed and does not disturb growth. Precisely this fruit is a good fruit to help the growth because of its many nutritional content.

To treat asthma and cancer, please ask your doctor first. Because the effects received may vary depending on the condition of the illness and the patient. Ask if your condition is adequate to be given an alternative intake.

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