List of 13 Fruits for a Quick and Healthy Diet and Weight loss

Fruits for a quick and healthy diet and weight loss

Fruits for Diet – For people who are used to weight loss programs, the fruits becomes a mandatory menu in their list of healthy foods. But, did you know if some of fruit was able to accelerate your weight loss program? Some fruit have fiber and pectin which are much higher in number than other fruits. Fiber and pectin is an effective substance can burn fat in the body naturally so it can increase the body’s metabolism.

Some fruits are very low in sugar content compared to other fruits. So, here means each fruit has a diverse content. This article will review a  list of fruits for fast diets that are better consumed than other fruits. Here is the list:

1. Apple for diet (52 Kcal, 2.6% NAR)

Do you know if the apple is very good for weight loss? Apple is rich in fiber but low in calories. Apples also contain many vitamins and minerals that are as high as the fiber content. The content will help you lose weight well. So, do not forget to eat apples every day yes.

2. Pear fruit for diet and weight loss (58 Kcal, 3% NAR)

Pear is one of the super fruit in terms of weight loss. The fiber content in this pear is much higher than the fiber content in other fruits. Very high fiber content will make us feel much fuller, and this is one powerful weight loss method. In addition to containing very high fiber, pear fruit also has other content such as potassium. Potassium is useful to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and healthy heart function.

3. Banana Fruit for diet and weight loss (105 kcal, 5% NAR)

Do not flinch your forehead first. Banana fruit is a fruit that has a good taste and various health benefits. This banana fruit is rich in potassium and fiber in equal amounts of height that is beneficial to help the process of weight loss. Includes diarrhea foods for children who are very good at digestion.

Banana fruit is the only fruit that has a high amount of vitamin B6. 1 banana fruit is enough to meet the needs of vitamin b6 in our body every day. Vitamin B6 is useful to boost the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Blueberries for diet and weight loss (57 Kcal, 2.85% NAR)

What is special about blueberries? Blueberries are small in size, but do not underestimate the size. Blueberries contain very high antioxidants. Even some research suggests if the blueberry fruit is one of the fruits that have the highest antioxidant content. This blueberry fruit can counteract factors that can cause metabolic disorders. In addition, blueberries will help overcome insulin resistance, hypertension, cholesterol to obesity.

Another surprising study of this mini-blueberry, according to Texas Women’s University, blueberries can fight fat cells. How? Come on, do not forget to eat blueberries as a diet for fast and healthy diets.

5. Strawberry Fruit for diet and weight loss (32 Kcal, 1.6% NAR)

Strawberry is recommended for those of you who want to quickly succeed in diet. Strawberry fruit can encourage the production of leptin hormone and adiponectin hormone. Both hormones are hormones that are useful in the process of burning fat and will help increase the body’s metabolism. If in a balanced portion with the consumption of other healthy foods, the body’s metabolism will increase and the body will be healthier, and help help lose weight.

Strawberry also contains many anti-inflammatory enzymes. This enzyme will help to restore the internal wound and damaged tissues.

6. Kiwi Fruit for diet and weight loss (61 Kcal, 3.05% NAR)

Many people love kiwifruit because kiwis can be eaten at once with their skin. It feels good is a blend of sweet and sour taste as well as chewed. Do you know if kiwi fruit can be a diet solution for you? In the kiwi fruit, contained high enough fiber. Then, do you know whether black seeds in the kiwi are also useful?

Yes, the black kiwi seeds with the small size makes the fiber content that is not easily digested in the kiwi becomes higher. This fiber-rich foods will help the digestive process in the body. In addition to fiber that is not easily digested, kiwi also contains easily digestible fibers that will encourage satiety faster. And, this is perfect for those who are on a diet program.

7. Coconut Fruit for diet and weight loss (354 kcal, 18% NAR)

Did you know if the coconut can help the diet work faster? Coconut fruit is a fruits for fast diet because it has a sweet taste, which will certainly meet your desire to snack with a sweet taste. Coconut fruit can be consumed in several forms, namely in the form of coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut flour can even be dried. Coconut fruit contains a series of triliserida that will improve the body’s metabolic system and help improve liver function. So, the coconut will help you to quickly lose weight.

Many people think consuming coconut fruit instead will cause obesity because they think the coconut contains a lot of saturated oil. And they are wrong. The saturated oils contained in the coconut are different from the saturated oils we might find in foods such as fried foods. The saturated oil in the coconut is made of a kind of fatty acid that will make the saturated oil not stored in the body.

9. Papaya fruit for diet and weight loss (39 Kcal, 1.95% NAR)

Papaya fruit has a very soft fruit flesh with a sweet taste is delicious. Papaya fruit also has many health benefits. Papaya fruit is great for helping to lose weight quickly because papaya fruit contains a very unique natural enzyme that encourages fast food digestion. Papaya fruit is also very rich in antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C, carotene and flavonoids.

10. Mango Fruit for diet and weight loss (65 kcal, 3% NAR)

Mango contains 130 calories, vitamin C, 3 grams of fiber, calcium and vitamin A. In addition, the mango also contains a little more sugar that can be slightly detrimental. But for the benefits can still be felt, do not consume this one fruit excessively.

11. Avocado Fruit for diet and weight loss (160 Kcal, 8% NAR)

Many people consider avocado fruit can cause obesity, not suitable for consumption as fruits for the diet. But this assumption is wrong. Avocado is a fruit that is not only delicious, but also can be consumed in many ways. In addition, avocados contain fiber that is good for digestion. There is also potassium, anti-inflammatory substances, vitamins, and is very good for our heart health. Avocado fruit can be made juice, mixed salad, eaten directly or the other.

12. Tomato Fruit for diet and weight loss (22 kcal, 1% NAR)

The nutritional content of tomatoes offers a kind of fiber called oligofructose that can help you feel full longer. Tomatoes also contain many lycopene, which has been shown to improve eye health, prevent sunburn and prevent cancer.

Fruits for this diet you can input into the daily diet menu is varied and can help you more quickly get the ideal body weight. Some of the fruits on this list may be a bit surprising about the benefits.


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