from Deodorizing to Eradicating Viruses

Getting clean and healthy air in a big city is very difficult, so it's no wonder that an air purifier is used as a mainstay for getting healthy air in the house. Can an air purifier really clean indoor air? Then, does your house need to have this tool at home? Find out in this article.

What is a purifier?

Based on research from the environmental protection agency Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution is one of the five causes of poor air conditions that can result in lowering your health level.

Air purifiers can be used as an option for those of you who live in an environment with poor air quality. For those of you who have family members who smoke, the benefits of this air purifier can help you minimize the smell and smoke of cigarettes in the room. In fact, not only do they neutralize odors or smoke, air purifiers are sometimes able to kill viruses or bacteria that spread through the air.

An air purifier is different from an air conditioner (AC), although currently there are also air conditioners (AC) that have an air purifier in their system. Air purifier is currently the right technology to get healthy air in the room.

How does the air purifier work?

An air purifier is a device that can clean the air you breathe. The air purifier does not cool the room like an air conditioner, but only to release fresh air that is clean or pollution-free. With this tool, particles of allergens or allergens can be removed, so you don't have to worry anymore about asthma or other allergies.

The way an air purifier works is quite simple. Once turned on, the air in the room will be sucked in with the help of a fan and captured by the filter located at the back of the air purifier. Then the air is filtered through the filter and will be channeled back through the distributor in front. The air that is released is of course already fresh and pollution-free because dust, germs, bacteria, and particles in the air have been filtered first. The effectiveness of its ability to clean the air can reach up to 95 percent.

What are the benefits of an air purifier?

1. Eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air

One of the benefits of an air purifier is that it removes viruses and bacteria in the air. Retroscreen Virology (UK) has conducted research using the test method. The research was conducted by entering the virus in a box and counting the decrease in the amount of viral activity after using an air purifier.

2. Eliminate unpleasant odors

The air purifier's ability to remove bad odors has passed a series of tests conducted by the Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation. Tests were carried out to determine the effectiveness of deodorizing using six levels of odor measurements.

3. Reduce fungus

The next benefit of an air purifier is the ability of this tool to eradicate fungi that can be a source of disease. The ability to eradicate mold has been proven by tests conducted by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

The test was carried out by the method of spraying PCI ions in a room measuring 2.6 m3, a fungus growing on the PVC plate – PCI ion concentration 50,000 ions / cm3. And the results of the tests prove the number and growth of mold can be reduced thanks to an air purifier.

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