Low Protein Diet for People With Kidney Failure

Patients with kidney failure must maintain a fairly strict diet. The reason is, many foods that may be nutritious for people who do not have kidney failure, can actually aggravate this disease condition. Well, the diet that is often recommended for kidney failure patients is a low protein diet. What is a low protein diet? Here's the explanation.

What is a low protein diet for kidney failure patients?

A low protein diet is a diet that limits protein from food or daily consumption. On this diet, protein intake is lower than normal requirements. A low protein diet is given to someone who has chronic or chronic kidney function decline chronic kidney failure disease.

The purpose of this diet is according to Ministry of Health RI is sufficient nutritional needs to match kidney function, regulate fluid and electrolyte balance, slow down further decline in kidney function, and maintain stamina so that patients can carry out normal activities.

Why should kidney failure patients limit protein intake?

Limiting protein intake in patients with kidney failure is not without reason. The protein you eat will be digested and broken down into amino acids by the body with the help of enzymes.

Digestion of this protein will start from the stomach and then the intestines. Amino acids that are digested by the body will then be carried by the bloodstream and sent to all parts of the body that are in need.

The body itself requires different amounts of amino acids, depending on the type of amino acid. The protein that has been digested will be processed by the kidneys and discarded when it is no longer needed. Substance for disposal of protein digestion that is released by the kidneys is urea in the urine (urine).

The more protein your body digests, the more amino acids the kidneys filter out and make your kidneys work harder. Especially if you are a chronic kidney failure patient whose kidneys can't function properly. This is the reason why patients with kidney failure should limit protein intake.

What is a low protein diet like for kidney failure patients?

Protein intake consumed by patients with kidney failure must be different from people who do not have the problem kidney disorders. According to Ministry of Health, the recommended daily intake of protein for kidney failure patients is 0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight.

From these recommendations, try to get 60 percent of them from animal protein which has high biological value. For example eggs and chicken, beef, fish and milk. Even eggs are called a perfect source of protein because they contain amino acids that are exactly like the amino acids in the body.

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