What are figwort and the benefits for health?

What’s the Figwort for? Figwort is a diuretic plant that is often used to relieve flatulence and increase urine production. Figwort which is processed into ointments or topical creams is efficacious for treating skin conditions such as eczema, hives, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, swelling, and rashes. Some people use this plant as a substitute for the devil’s …

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What is Cascara?

what is cascara

Benefits What is cascara for? Cascara is a herb made from the skin of a coffee fruit. It looks like a cherry and is often used as a coffee or tea drink. Cascara is a plant that acts as a laxative for constipation, as well as treatment for gallstones, liver disease, and cancer. Some people …

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What is Calumba?

what is calumba

Benefits What are the benefits of calumba? What is calumba?, Calumba┬áis one of the most bitter herbs found only in Madagascar and Mozambique. Calumba efficacy lies within its roots. This herb is used to overcome stomach pain, heartburn, heartburn, intestinal disorders, and diarrhea. Other benefits of calumba is to help increase appetite, overcoming problems of …

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Centaury flower: benefits and side effects

centaury flower: benefits and side effects

Centaury Benefits What is centaury for? Centaury is a medicinal plant to treat dyspepsia (ulcer), lack of gastric secretions, and loss of appetite. In traditional medicine, centaurs are herbs that are believed to be beneficial as anthelmintic, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, and kidney stones. There is no scientific evidence to support the usefulness or function of this …

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