10 Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Health You need to know

Benefits of papaya leaves for health

What are benefits of papaya leaves for health? – With a distinctive bitter taste, the benefits of papaya leaves for body health are enormous. Many herbal medicine products based on papaya leaves with a variety of uses to cure various diseases. Examples of real use of these leaves to address health problems naturally are to reduce menstrual pain, eliminate acne in the face and so forth.

In addition to its nutritious leaves, papaya fruit also has many benefits to nourishing the body as well as refining the facial skin and the seeds are useful as a natural ingredient for hair.

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The consumption of papaya leaves is beneficial to the health of the body

The leaves with this distinctive bitter taste have been proven to have usefulness for the health of the body. For those of you who want to eat papaya leaves but do not like the taste, here are tips to easily remove the bitter taste of papaya leaves.

What are benefits of papaya leaves for health?

How to reduce the bitterness of papaya leaves:

  • Before boiled, squeeze the leaves with the kitchen salt to wither and remove the water.
  • Boil the papaya leaves with guava leaves, use a 3: 10 ratio where 3 pieces of papaya leaves boiled together with 10 pieces of guava leaf
  • Add 1 handful of clay or brick when boiling. Do not forget to wash well after cleaning to stay clean when you eat

The cause of this bitter taste has the advantage of lowering the fever, decreasing high blood pressure and killing the microbial causes of various diseases.

What are benefits of papaya leaves for health?

This is the Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Body Health

Papaya leaves to Increase appetite

To overcome the lack of appetite, mix fresh papaya leaves with kitchen salt and warm water. Pound until smooth and then filter the water and drink the filter water. This method can also be used in difficult feeding children.

Give herbs this appetite enhancer 2 – 3 days, not too often. For children, the portion is not too much. Just 1/4 cup only.

Exercise Digestion

Simply consume stew of this leaf or processed into a vegetable sauteed then you will get benefits that are avoid the problem of digestive disorders of food.

Benefits of papaya leaves for menstruation (women)

Especially for women who are menstruating and want to relieve the pain easily and safely, try the herbs of traditional papaya leaves. Mix 1 piece of papaya leaves, tamarind and salt and boil until cooked. Drink herbal water to reduce menstrual pain.

Pregnant women should not consume too much papaya leaves (in any form whatsoever) because of the risk of adverse effects on the fetus in the womb.

Papaya leaf herbs are useful for treating pain during menstruation

Papaya leaves benefits to Eliminate Acne In Face

The natural way of treating acne using this leaf is to break 2 papaya old leaves that have been sunbed before, mix some warm water and apply the herb in the area of ​​the acne face. Let it cool for 20 – 30 minutes then wash your face with clean water.

Papaya leaves benefits to Preventing Cancer Disease

Eating papaya leaves regularly is proven to be efficacious against cancer. The white sap content contained in it is an anti-cancer substance.

Papaya leaves to Baking a Meat

Another benefit of this leaf is to make more meat. How to pack raw meat with a slice of papaya leaves and leave for a while and then cooked.

Overcoming High Blood Pressure

The efficacy of the next papaya leaves is to control the blood pressure in the body. Boil five leaves with a pint of water and then fetch the boiled water and add pure honey or brown sugar sweetener. Drink while warm.

Treating Dengue Fever

For those of you who suffer from dengue fever, mix 5 papaya leaves with temulawak, brown sugar and mix well. Boil and drink the stew of the leaves regularly until the hemorrhage is healed.


For mothers who are breastfeeding, the use of papaya leaves can naturally produce breast milk. Prepare 5 young leaflets then put on fire until the leaves are wilted. Paste while warm over the breasts of the mother except the nipples.

Strengthening Your Bones And Teeth

Regular consumption of papaya leaves can strengthen your bones and teeth. Its natural content is believed to make the teeth stronger and the bones are healthier.

So this is the benefits of papaya leaves for health. Hope this info useful.


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