What are benefits of artichoke for health?

Benefits of Artichoke for Health

What are benefits of artichoke for health? – Artichoke is a very famous vegetable in winter, its color is green silvery and has laminated petals. It is said to have been first discovered in the 19th century in the Mediterranean region, and is commonly consumed by the Greeks and Ancient Romans. Reportedly this vegetable has a scientific name, namely Cyanara Scolymus from the family of Asteraceae thistle, and belong to the genus Cynara.

Market price is quite expensive, because it is famous for the daintiness. These vegetables are usually harvested from October to June. The most amazing thing is that Artichoke variety grows around 90 species around the world. If you want to get it, come directly to the largest global manufacturer only, including in Italy, Tuscany, Liguria, Lazio, and Puglia. Most people process it by boiling it first, then cooked according to individual taste.

Nutritional value of artichoke

The nutritional content in this Artichoke vegetables, among others, there is a form of folic acid, as well as various minerals and vitamins. Therefore, ancient people often use it to serve as a traditional medicine that is useful to cure and prevent various types of diseases. Therefore, below we will explain some points of the benefits of vegetable Artichoke.

Benefits of artichoke for health

  • Protecting the Cardiac Organ
    Frequent use of Artichoke is useful to help reduce bad cholesterol or LDL. It also can increase good cholesterol levels. That way the human heart organ will always be protected, to get it you need to consume it regularly, at least at least once a week.
  • Prevent the appearance of colon cancer
    One of the important properties of this vegetable, which can prevent the incidence of colon cancer in humans. Because the nutrients in it can play a very powerful antioxidant. Therefore, often eat them so that you are always healthy and not easily sick.
  • Helping the Detoxification Process
    For centuries, Artichoke is known to help the detoxification process of toxins, and maintain the health of the liver. This can occur because of the content of silymarin and cynarin found in these vegetables. Therefore, you need to try it if you have never eat it.
  • Healthy fetus
    An important benefit of Artichoke, is to help meet the needs of folic acid in pregnant women. So that the fetus in the stomach can always be healthy, and avoid defects. So no wonder if this vegetable is recommended to consume.
  • Improve Digestive System
    The amount of natural fiber in Artichoke makes it much needed by humans. So that one’s digestive system to function more smoothly, without any blockages that cause difficult bowel movements. It is also very useful to prevent colon cancer, bloating, stomach cramps and so forth.
  • Treating Thrush
    Thrush usually attacks people whose bodies lack vitamin C content. The lips will be cracked, dry and of course sore. The effect is very influential can decrease appetite. If you feel that way, immediately consume Artichoke with regular basis
  • Launch the Metabolic Process
    One’s metabolic process can be smoother, by diligently eating these vegetables. This can happen because there is a content of magnesium, and vitamins in Artichoke. It is also aided by amino acids, calcium, carbohydrates and others. Therefore, let’s try it.
  • Improve Brain Intelligence
    The content that is in Artichoke, able to act as a vasodilator. The function is to help supply oxygen to the brain. So the level of intelligence of people who often consume it, will be more increased.
  • Helps Cure Alzheimer’s Disease
    The presence of vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids in Artichoke, is very beneficial to help the healing process of Alzheimer’s disease. The performance in the body is able to prevent brain nerve damage, and overcome the problem so as not easy to forget.

Those are the benefits of artichoke for health. Hope this article is useful. Thanks


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