Accent Saphenous Vein Anatomy, Operate & Diagram

The accent saphenous vein is linked to the better saphenous vein, which runs parallel to it, and is situated within the leg and thigh. The better saphenous vein is a big superficial (close to the pores and skin’s floor) vein that originates the place the foot’s dorsal venous arch merges with the large toe’s dorsal vein. It travels up the leg’s medial aspect (nearer to the center) after passing anteriorly to the medial malleolus, a bony projection on the within of every ankle. The accent saphenous vein joins it instantly earlier than it drains into the femoral vein.

When the accent saphenous vein reaches the knee, it travels posteriorly alongside the inside components of the knee and thigh and at last throughout the posterior border of the femur bone’s medial epicondyle, a rounded bony projection on the decrease (distal) finish of the femur the place it connects to the knee. The accent saphenous vein then travels to the thigh’s entrance floor earlier than getting into the saphenous hiatus, an oval-shaped opening within the fascia lata of the thigh. The fascia lata is a layer of fibrous connective tissue that envelops the thigh muscle tissues. The vein then attaches to the femoral vein within the saphenofemoral junction of the femoral triangle. The femoral triangle is a despair within the higher a part of the inside thigh that comprises the femoral nerve, artery, and veins in addition to lymph nodes and vessels.

The better accent saphenous vein branches out into smaller veins which can be fabricated from elastic fiber. These veins have diminished muscle cells and skinny partitions. They’re typically the reason for varicose veins, which develop once they dilate.

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