Achilles Tendon Anatomy, Origin & Operate

The calcaneal tendon, often known as the tendon of Achilles, is a posterior leg tendon — a fibrous connective tissue that joins muscle tissues behind the leg. It’s fashioned when the soleus muscle tendon joins with the gastrocnemius tendon.

The gastrocnemius (calf) and soleus muscle tissues are a part of the superficial posterior compartment group, which additionally comprises the popliteus and plantaris muscle tissues. This group is situated in the back of the decrease leg, near its floor. The calcaneal tendon can be a part of this group.

The aim of the calcaneal tendon is to connect the soleus muscle tissues and calf muscle tissues (plantaris and gastrocnemius) to the heel bone, scientifically generally known as the calcaneus. The plantaris muscle tendon, if current, assists on this course of by inserting into the calcaneal tendon’s medial border (the facet closest to the midline of the physique).

The calcaneal tendon is the strongest and thickest tendon within the physique. It is ready to withhold a stress of about 4 instances an individual’s physique weight when strolling and its narrowest half (above its insertion) is 4 centimeters thick. The tendon begins in the course of the calf and extends roughly 15 centimeters in size, all the way down to the heel, and passes vertically down, behind the ankle.

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