Adductor Magnus Muscle Origin, Perform & Anatomy

On the medial aspect (closest to the center) of the thigh, the adductor magnus muscle creates the form of a big triangle. As an adductor, it contracts and pulls the hip in direction of the physique’s midline. This motion is a elementary a part of strolling, sprinting, and a wide range of different bipedal motions. The muscle additionally extends the hip. Whereas an adductor, the muscle is usually thought-about to be a part of the hamstring group as nicely.

The muscle originates within the pelvic area; particularly, it arises from the pubis and the tuberosity of the ischium, that are also referred to as the sitz or sitting bones. Then, the muscle inserts into a number of components of the femur bone.

Oxygenated blood arrives on the adductor magnus muscle through the obturator artery, which branches from the interior iliac artery. As soon as blood is depleted of oxygen, the obturator veins drain into the venal system.

For adductive movement, innervations come by the use of the inferior department of the obturator nerve. For hamstring capabilities, the muscle is served by the sciatic nerve.

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