Cervical Backbone Vertebrae Diagram & Operate

The vertebrae that make up the cervical backbone are the smallest seven throughout the spinal column. These bones give the neck construction, assist the cranium, and shield the spinal wire, amongst different features.

Every vertebra is formed like an odd Mardi Gras masks when seen from the highest. A protrusion on the bottom known as the spinous course of extends backward and barely downward. That is the place ligaments and muscle mass connect to the vertebra.

The our bodies of the vertebrae are linked to 1 one other. Many ligaments, or bands of connective tissue, wrap across the spinal column and join its vertebrae. Additionally they forestall extreme motion that would injury the spinal column.

Intervertebral discs, small cartilage cushions, pad the areas between the vertebrae. The discs enable motion of the spinal column and performance like shock absorbers.

A letter and quantity determine vertebrae. Within the cervical column, the vertebrae are C1 by means of C7. The “C” stands for “cervical.”

All the cervical vertebrae flex and lengthen the neck, however some have extra particular features, together with:

  • C1: The primary vertebra within the column closest to the cranium is often known as the atlas. It varieties the joint that connects the cranium and the spinal column.
  • C2: Also called the axis, it creates a pivot that enables C1 to rotate, thus giving the pinnacle better vary of movement.
  • C7: The final of the cervical vertebrae, C7 has an extra-long spinous course of. This is among the bones that protrude by means of the pores and skin in the back of the neck.

Fracture to any vertebra is taken into account a medical emergency, however injury to the cervical vertebrae is particularly vital.   Fracture and harm to the C2 vertebra is frequent with high-force trauma, and should trigger demise or paralysis.

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