Frequent Iliac Vein Anatomy, Operate, and Diagram

The widespread iliac vein (created by the union of the interior and exterior iliac veins) types within the stomach, on the stage of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. It divides into two branches. The interior iliac vein drains blood from the visceral organs within the pelvic area. The exterior iliac connects to the femoral veins. The interior iliac vein could double or lay lateral to the exterior iliac vein. Each veins be a part of collectively to type the inferior vena cava.

The vein receives blood from the reproductive organs. The veins type networks often known as plexuses. Plexuses are situated within the anus, prostate glands, and urinary bladder in males. Plexuses are additionally discovered within the vagina and the uterus in females.

The exterior iliac vein is situated within the decrease leg. The vein begins behind the inguinal ligament. The vein passes via the pelvis and ends reverse the sacroiliac articulation. The exterior iliac vein receives three veins: the pubic, inferior epigastric, and deep iliac circumflex veins. The interior iliac vein is the hypogastric vein. On the brim of the pelvis, it joins the exterior iliac vein to type the widespread iliac vein.

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