Corpus Callosum Operate, Definition & Anatomy

The mind is split into the proper and left hemisphere, and the 2 halves are related by the corpus callosum. This bundle of nerve tissue comprises over 200 million axons (nerve fibers that carry electrical impulses from neurons’ cell our bodies) by tough estimate. This neural tissue facilitates communication between the 2 sides of the mind.

The corpus callosum is the biggest assortment of white matter throughout the mind, and it has a excessive myelin content material. Myelin is a fatty, protecting coating round nerves that facilitates faster transmission of knowledge. White matter shouldn’t be confused with grey matter. The mind makes use of grey matter for computation, considering, reminiscence storage, and extra. White matter, just like the corpus callosum, permits totally different components of the mind to speak with one another.

Some congenital (delivery) defects embody an entire lack of this neural tissue. In trendy neurosurgery, some surgeons have surgically lower the corpus callosum as a method for treating epileptic seizures. By disrupting contact between the 2 mind hemispheres, a seizure may be remoted and saved from spreading.

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