Dorsal Intercuneiform Ligament Anatomy, Operate & Diagram

The dorsal intercuneiform ligament secures the three cuneiform bones. Dorsal means the highest of the foot. Cuneiform bones match between the tarsal navicular and the metatarsals, within the space generally known as the “mid-foot.” The primary or medial cuneiform bone is on the within, above the ball of the foot. The remaining cuneiform bones work their manner throughout to the cuboid.

Injury to the dorsal bones and ligaments within the mid-foot are unusual. Just one % of bone fractures are discovered on this area. Fractures might have surgical restore if the bones have separated (in any other case generally known as “displacement”). Accidents to the dorsal facet of the foot want immediate consideration to ensure they heal accurately.

Strands of ligaments stretch throughout the highest of the cuneiform bones and weave their manner into the joints. These ligaments assist safe the cuneonavicular joint, they usually help the transverse arch between the cuneiform bones and metatarsals, that are the bones that lead to people who make up the toes. They mesh with the cubonavicular and cuneonavicular joint ligaments that safe the tarsals, that are the bones of (roughly) the again half of the foot. If the dorsal intercuneiform ligament fails to help the arch, toes could seem splayed.

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