Foot Muscle mass Anatomy, Perform & Diagram

The 20-plus muscle tissue within the foot assist allow motion, whereas additionally giving the foot its form.

Just like the fingers, the toes have flexor and extensor muscle tissue that energy their motion and play a big position in stability.

Nonetheless, many muscle tissue that energy the foot’s motion originate as excessive up because the again of the knee. Some essential muscle tissue that have an effect on the foot embody:

  • Soleus: This muscle extends from the again of the knee to the heel. It’s pivotal in strolling and standing.
  • Gastrocnemius (calf muscle): One of many giant muscle tissue of the leg, it connects to the heel. It flexes and extends the foot, ankle, and knee.
  • Plantaris: This small, skinny muscle is absent in about 5 to 10 % of individuals. Its operate is outdated by the calf muscle.
  • Abductor hallucis: A muscle on the inside aspect of the foot that runs from the large toe to the heel, it pulls the large toe, or hallux, away from the physique.
  • Tibialis anterior: This muscle runs from the tibia to the primary toe, and helps make strolling attainable by flexing the foot upward and turning it inward.
  • Extensor digitorum longus: That is considered one of three muscle tissue that pull the foot upward. It additionally extends the toes, lifts the toes, and turns the foot outward.
  • Flexor digitorum longus: This muscle within the calf and foot flexes the second by fifth toes and factors the toes downward.
  • Fibularis longus: This muscle helps transfer the foot sideways in addition to flex it downward, like if you push down on the gasoline pedal of a automotive.
  • Fibularis tertius: This muscle helps transfer the foot aspect to aspect on the ankle joint.
  • Fibularis brevis: This small muscle helps transfer the foot downward.

The muscle tissue create movement within the physique by transferring the skeleton. The muscle tissue are hooked up to bone by fibrous tendons.

When it comes to mobility, the Achilles tendon is among the most essential buildings within the leg and foot. This tendon behind the calf and ankle connects the plantaris, calf, and soleus muscle tissue to the heel bone. It shops the elastic vitality wanted for operating, leaping, and different bodily exercise.

Ligaments maintain bones collectively and stabilize joints. One of many fundamental ligaments within the foot is the plantar fascia, which kinds the arch on the only of the foot. Because it stretches and contracts, the plantar fascia supplies stability and energy to the foot.

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