Foot Vessels Anatomy, Perform & Diagram

Oxygenated blood leaves the guts and travels down the big thoracic aorta earlier than the aorta divides into two principal branches close to the stomach. From there, it travels down the femoral artery within the leg, the place it continues into different arterial branches earlier than reaching the foot.

The main gamers in circulating oxygenated blood to the foot embrace:

  • Popliteal artery: A department of the femoral artery, the popliteal artery branches additional to produce blood to the knee, thigh, and calf. It ends on the anterior and posterior tibial arteries.
  • Posterior tibial artery: This department of the popliteal artery provides oxygenated blood to the leg and sole of the foot. It runs on the within of the leg and is accompanied by the posterior tibial vein.
  • Anterior tibial artery: The opposite department of the popliteal artery from the again of the knee, this artery provides blood to the muscle tissue of the leg and foot.  
  • Peroneal artery: That is the most important department of the posterial tibial artery. It provides blood to the surface and again of the ankle and calf muscle tissue. It ends on the lateral calcaneal artery.
  • Plantar arteries: The plantar arteries—lateral, medial, and deep—kind a looping net of arteries throughout the foot and down via every toe. They ultimately unite with the dorsalis pedis artery.
  • Dorsalis pedis: This artery provides blood to the floor of the foot as a continuation of the anterior tibial artery. It’s accompanied by the dorsalis pedis vein.

The veins of the foot flow into oxygen-depleted blood from the tissues again to the guts.

Circulation issues of the foot are frequent in each the aged and overweight individuals, in addition to those that stand for lengthy durations of time. One frequent drawback is varicose veins. These are swollen, twisted veins that generally trigger ache as a consequence of an irregular assortment of blood. Malfunctioning valves that enable blood to pool within the vein usually trigger this. These veins can often be seen via the pores and skin.

Nerves within the ft ship messages, similar to indications of warmth and ache and different data, to the mind. The dorsal digital nerves of the foot department all through the physique of the foot and down via every toe. They’re themselves branches of the bigger intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve, medial dorsal cutaneous nerve, sural nerve, and deep fibular nerve within the decrease extremities.

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