Fourth Ventricle Anatomy, Perform & Location

Contained in the mind, there are 4 cavities, referred to as ventricles. The appropriate and left lateral ventricles and the third and fourth ventricles compose the ventricular system.

The fourth ventricle accommodates cerebrospinal fluid. It has a diamond form and is positioned within the higher portion of the medulla. Particularly, it spans from the obex — an space within the medulla oblongata, positioned within the brainstem — to the cerebral aqueduct — a canal-like construction within the higher a part of the brainstem that connects the fourth ventricle to the third. The principle operate of this ventricle is to guard the human mind from trauma (through a cushioning impact) and to assist type the central canal, which runs the size of the spinal twine.

This ventricle has a roof and a flooring. The roof consists of the cerebellum, positioned behind the mind, and the ground is fashioned by the rhomboid fossa, a melancholy within the brainstem. Throughout the flooring is the facial colliculus, sulcus limitans, and the obex.

Very similar to different parts of the ventricular system contained in the mind, the fourth ventricle develops from the world contained in the neural tube (the construction in an embryo that turns into the mind and spinal twine) referred to as the central canal. Throughout gestation, the ventricles type throughout the first three months of being pregnant. Throughout this time of improvement, it’s doable for circulation to be blocked by overproduction of cerebrospinal fluid, inflicting a situation referred to as hydrocephalus.

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