Gemellus Inferior Anatomy, Perform & Diagram

The gemellus inferior is a vital muscle that connects the higher legs to the pelvic area. Two of those muscle tissue are current within the human physique, with one in every leg. This muscle permits the rotation of the thigh in a lateral, or outward, movement.

This muscle originates from the higher a part of the ischial tuberosity, a bony protrusion on the decrease again a part of the hip bone. It runs laterally alongside the posterior a part of the femur and is linked with the obturator internus muscular tendon. It goes into the central a part of the trochanteric fossa.

The muscle, together with its surrounding muscle tissue, is equipped with oxygen by way of the inferior gluteal artery. This artery belongs to a department that’s the major supply of blood provide to the hips and the posterior thigh area.

Along with lateral movement of the hip, the operate of the gemellus inferior is to assist in hip stability, extension, and abduction with the flexed thighs.

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