Gracilis Muscle Perform, Origin & Anatomy

The gracilis muscle is among the muscle tissue discovered within the groin.

It begins on the exterior level of the ischiopubic ramus (on the pubic bone) and extends all the way down to the higher medial (center) shaft of the tibia, or shinbone. The gracilis is chargeable for hip adduction and assists knee flexion. Adduction means the physique half is moved from the surface towards the middle of the physique. On this case, it’s bringing each legs collectively or throughout the physique. This muscle additionally assists in stabilizing and rotating the knee inward.

There are 5 groin muscle tissue utilized in adducting the hip, together with the pectineus, adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, and the gracilis muscle. Stretching the groin helps forestall pressure accidents to the gracilis.

The obturator nerve innervates this muscle by way of the lumbar spinal vertebrae. Damage to this space can result in greater than easy muscle issues; nerve impingement (strain on the nerve) can limit muscle management and sensory enter coming from the groin space. Impingement of the obturator nerve normally results in radiating ache beginning on the hip, and usually extending downward to the knee or past.

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