Hamate Bone Anatomy, Perform & Diagram

The bones of the wrist are referred to as carpals. The hamate is a wedge-shaped carpal bone. It’s situated on the skin space of the wrist, which is similar facet because the pinkie finger. The hamate articulates—which means it meets or connects with—5 different bones. Three of those bones are additionally carpals: the lunate, triquetral, and capitate. Two of the bones are metacarpals, that are the lengthy bones of the palm. These embody the fourth and fifth metacarpals, situated beneath the ring and pinkie fingers respectively. The hamate has a hook-like course of that tasks from the palm-side of the wrist towards the skin of the physique. The hook of the hamate kinds a part of Guyon’s canal, also called the ulnar canal. Guyon’s canal is situated alongside the decrease fringe of the palm. It’s bounded by the pisiform, one other carpal bone, and quite a few muscle mass and ligaments. The ulnar artery and ulnar nerve cross into the hand by way of this canal. A situation known as Guyon’s canal syndrome might happen if the ulnar nerve is compressed on this space. It might be brought on by overuse of the wrist by way of repetitive actions, trauma to the wrist, or a fracture to the hamate, amongst different components. Signs embody numbness, weak point, and ache within the hand. In extreme circumstances, surgical procedure is required. Nevertheless, this situation is way much less widespread than carpal tunnel syndrome.

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