Hand Anatomy, Photos & Diagram

Fingers are able to all kinds of features, together with gross and wonderful motor actions. Gross motor actions permit us to choose up massive objects or carry out heavy labor. Tremendous motor actions allow us to carry out delicate duties, comparable to holding small objects or performing detailed work.

The complicated talents of the hand are a part of what make people distinctive. Solely people have the flexibility to carry our thumbs throughout the hand to attach with our ring and pinkie fingers. This capacity gives us with the dexterity to make use of instruments. It additionally offers us a forceful grip.

The hand could be thought-about in 4 segments:

  • Fingers: Digits that reach from the palm of the hand, the fingers make it potential for people to grip the smallest of objects.
  • Palm: That is the underside of the physique of the hand.
  • Again (opisthenar): The again of the hand exhibits the dorsal venous community, an online of veins.
  • Wrist: The connection level between the arm and the hand, the wrist allows hand actions. 

Every hand consists of 19 bones. The palm contains 5 metacarpals, and every finger besides the thumb comprises one proximal phalanx, one center phalanx, and one distal phalanx. The thumb doesn’t have a center phalanx. Every bone is related by a collection of ligaments.

Every fingertip—distal phalanx and accompanying tissue—comprises a fingernail. These constructions are made from keratin, a troublesome protein. Related forms of keratin additionally make up human hair, the scales and claws of reptiles, and the feathers, claws, and beaks of birds.

The palm of the hand doesn’t comprise melanin (pores and skin pigment) or hair follicles. The one different place on the physique that lacks each of those is the only real of the foot. These two surfaces even have thicker pores and skin than different locations of the physique.

Though totally useful arms can accomplish nice issues, they’re inclined to plenty of illnesses, together with:

  • Arthritis
  • Deformities
  • Nerve issues
  • Finger clubbing
  • Tendinitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fractured bones
  • Sprains, strains, cuts, and bruises

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