Lateral Ventricles Operate, Anatomy & Diagram

The proper and left lateral ventricles are buildings throughout the mind that comprise cerebrospinal fluid, a transparent, watery fluid that gives cushioning for the mind whereas additionally serving to to flow into vitamins and take away waste.

Together with the buildings often called the third ventricle and the fourth ventricle, the lateral ventricles are a part of the physique’s ventricular system. The ventricular system acts as a continuation of the central canal of the spinal wire, the same construction that incorporates cerebrospinal fluid and runs the size of the neck and trunk.

The separate sections of the ventricular system are linked via small holes often called foramina. The lateral and third ventricles join via the proper and left interventricular foramina, whereas the third and fourth ventricles join via a foramen often called the cerebral aqueduct. Different foramina that hook up with particular ventricles exist however aren’t thought-about a part of the ventricular system.

The quantity of the lateral ventricles, and related buildings throughout the mind, could be measured via a CT scan. The scan permits docs to measure not solely the dimensions of the ventricles but in addition the density of the cerebrospinal fluid that they comprise. This data can be utilized to diagnose potential issues throughout the mind, together with hydrocephalus, an irregular accumulation of fluid within the ventricles. Hydrocephalus can result in progressive cranium enlargement.

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