Nasal Cartilages Anatomy, Operate & Diagram

The nasal cartilages present construction and help to the nostril. They’re primarily composed of hyaline cartilage, which is densely filled with collagen, a structural protein. There are a number of completely different sorts.

Accent nasal cartilages are small nasal cartilages that hyperlink the higher alar (nostril) and lateral nasal cartilages.

Higher alar cartilage is a versatile cartilage that varieties a part of the construction of the nostrils.

Lateral nasal cartilage is a triangular construction, situated beneath the nasal bone.

Cartilage of the septum — also called the quadrangular cartilage as a result of it’s roughly quadrilateral in form — separates the nostrils. It additionally connects the nasal bones and the lateral cartilages.

Vomeronasal cartilage, also called Jacobson’s cartilage, connects the nasal septum (the wall of cartilage that separates the 2 airways of the nostril) and the vomer bone (a skinny, flat bone that separates the nostrils). It was named in 1809 by Dutch anatomist, Ludwig Levin Jacobson. It’s near, however not really linked with, the vomeronasal organ of Jacobson, which is the physique’s scent organ that detects pheromones, chemical compounds that will have an effect on the behaviors of others who scent them.

Lesser alar cartilages are three or 4 small nasal cartilages linked to the higher jawbone.

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