Occipital Vein Anatomy, Perform & Diagram

The occipital emissary vein is also referred to as the occipital vein. This small vein passes by means of the condylar canal, a gap within the occipital bone, close to the bottom of the cranium. This vein drains the occipital area, situated behind the mind.

The occipital vein provides the inner jugular vein. It could additionally provide the suboccipital vein. Occipital veins embody superficial veins, these which are near the floor of the physique.

These veins drain into the occipital cortex behind the top, then empty into the transverse sinus and superior sagittal sinus, that are cavities within the mind that assist with the drainage of deoxygenated blood. The occipital vein follows the trail of the occipital artery in reverse. It opens into the suboccipital venous plexus — a community of veins situated within the neck, slightly below the occipital bone — after it reaches the underside of the trapezius muscle — a big muscle that extends from the occipital bone to the mid-back and shoulder. The trapezius is among the muscular tissues that stabilizes and strikes the arm, neck, and shoulder.

The occipital vein’s essential location is the scalp. Aneurysms (weak, bulging vessels) or bleeds of the occipital vein will seemingly happen extra slowly than they’d in arteries. Veins, such because the occipital vein, could change into blocked and trigger hassle with the lungs, coronary heart, or mind.

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