Plantar Ligament Plate Anatomy, Operate & Diagram

A plantar ligament plate is discovered on the underside of the foot. This ligament plate connects the toe to the corresponding “long bone” of the foot. Every foot accommodates 4 of those plates, one for every toe aside from the primary toe, which doesn’t have a plantar ligament plate. It’s comprised of fibrocartilage (collagen fibers and hard cartilage).

The perform of the plantar ligament plate is to maintain the toe in its correct joint. It may well help the load of the physique and resists sideways flexion.

A plantar ligament plate can tear or stretch because of harm or overuse. When this happens, the toe can turn into dislocated. Extreme dislocation of the plantar ligament plate may end up in hammertoe, a situation that causes irregular bending within the joints of the second via fifth toes. In delicate circumstances, the ligament could heal by itself; nevertheless, in severe circumstances, a health care provider can carry out surgical procedure to restore the broken plantar ligament plate.

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