Ring Finger Anatomy, Footage & Diagram

The ring finger refers back to the fourth digit of every hand, situated between the center and pinky fingers.

The ringer finger is comprised of three phalanges, or bones, extending from the hand’s fourth metacarpal bone. The proximal phalanx offers the bottom of the finger, which connects to the intermediate phalanx by way of the knuckle joint. On the finish of the finger, the distal phalanx offers help to the delicate pulp of the fingertip. The extensor digitorum muscle extends this finger, whereas the palmarand dorsal interossei flex the finger and transfer it towards and away from the center finger. The radial and ulnar nerves provide these muscular tissues.

Oxygenated blood arrives on the finger by means of the frequent palmar artery, which extends off of the palmar arch connecting the ulnar and radial arteries. The ulnar artery is the principle provide of blood to the ring finger. The median, radial, and ulnar nerves present sensory innervation to this finger.

In Western cultures, it’s common for folks to put on engagement and marriage ceremony rings on the fourth digit, typically on the left hand.

The sports activities damage “jersey finger” is most typical within the ring finger. This damage happens when the tendon on the topmost joint of the finger is pulled off the bone. It’s usually induced when somebody pulls on one other’s jersey and catches their finger. Surgical restore is commonly essential to repair this damage.

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