Talus Bone Footage, Operate & Diagram

The talus is a crucial bone of the ankle joint that’s situated between the calcaneus (heel bone) and the fibula and tibia within the decrease leg. The form of the bone is irregular, considerably akin to a turtle’s hump.

The important thing operate of this bone is to kind a connection between the leg and the foot in order that physique weight could also be transferred from the ankle to the leg, enabling an individual to stroll whereas sustaining steadiness. The bone additionally helps within the actions of the ankle, and along with the calcaneus it facilitates the actions of the foot.

Any harm to this vital bone might hamper the actions of the ankle and foot. A significant fracture within the bone could cause severe obstacle to an individual’s capability to stroll or stand. In comparison with most different bones, the talus is poor in its provide of oxygenated blood. Because of this, it takes a very long time to restore following a severe harm.

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