Tensor Fasciae Latae Perform, Origin & Anatomy

The tensor fasciae latae is a tiny muscle, inferior to the iliotibial band. This band, additionally known as the IT band, is an elongated strip of fascia — a kind of connective tissue — situated within the thigh and knee.

The muscle originates within the ilium (the biggest bone within the pelvis) and the entrance portion of iliac crest (the highest, outer a part of the ilium). It goes into the lateral condyle of the tibia (the outer facet of the highest of the tibia, or shinbone) by the iliotibial band.

This muscle is innervated by the superior gluteal nerve and performs the capabilities of hip flexion and abduction. These actions assist to keep up one foot forward of the opposite, as happens in strolling. It additionally offers lateral (side-to-side) stability to the knee. The muscle performs the function of a complement ligament, and works with the minimus, medius, and higher most fibers.

The tensor fasciae latae additionally helps to stabilize the pelvis on the highest of the femur (thigh) bone when an individual is standing up straight. This muscle is used significantly throughout bodily actions reminiscent of snowboarding or horseback using. An imbalance of the pelvic space could happen if this muscle is shortened or strained.

The arterial provide to this muscle is thru a department arising from the profunda femoris, which is named the lateral circumflex femoral artery.

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