Trapezium Bone Space, Definition & Anatomy

There are eight carpal bones within the human wrist. They’re organized in two rows. They’re situated between the metacarpals and the ends of the radius and ulna bones. The trapezium rests within the row closest to the metacarpals. The scaphoid is situated straight behind it, and the trapezoid is situated to its facet. The trapezium has three contact surfaces. These surfaces present articulation factors with different bones. The superior floor faces an upward and medial path. It articulates with the scaphoid. The inferior floor is oval in form. It articulates with the primary metacarpal bone. The medial floor has a concave higher aspect, which articulates with the trapezoid bone. The trapezium additionally gives an origination level for the oppenens pollicis and abductor pollicis, which assist transfer the thumb. A lot of the muscular tissues connect to the trapezium’s palmar floor. Nevertheless, many ligaments additionally connect to its lateral floor, which is broad and tough. The dorsal floor of the trapezium is easy. It doesn’t function many capabilities as its counterparts.

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