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Operate & Utilization

What’s Antangin used for?

Antangin is a drugs to deal with colds. This situation is characterised by signs of fever, dizziness, feverish physique, weak point, nausea, bloating, abdomen ache, watery eyes, dry throat, and feeling chilly.

Antangin can also be typically taken to deal with abdomen aches as a result of affect of meals and journey illness, in addition to fatigue, and lack of sleep. Antangin can also be good for many who genetically have low endurance, people who smoke, additionally for many who are taking medication that may cut back endurance.

What are the foundations for utilizing Antangin?

At all times use this drugs in accordance with the directions listed on the packaging and modify to the specified wants equivalent to to take care of endurance, earlier than touring and different wants. Shake effectively earlier than ingesting. Antangin is secure for consumption in the long term, in keeping with the really useful dosage.

How do you save Antangin?

Antangin could be saved at room temperature and within the fridge. Preserve this drugs out of the attain of kids. Retailer within the authentic bundle. Don’t use this drugs after the expiration date acknowledged within the bundle. The expiration date applies on the final day of the month specified. Don’t eliminate this drugs within the sewer, nor ought to it’s disposed of by flushing the bathroom. Whether it is saved within the fridge, don't freeze it.


What’s the dose of Antangin for adults?

Liquid Sachet:

  • To deal with colds, take 1 sachet three instances a day after meals till healed.
  • For journey illness, drink 1 sachet earlier than an extended journey.
  • To keep up physique situation, drink 1 sachet, 3x a day after meals, frequently.


  • To deal with colds: take 2 tablets three instances a day. If obligatory, take four tablets, the primary time.
  • For journey illness, take 2 to four tablets earlier than an extended journey.
  • To keep up physique situation, take 2 tablets 2x a day, frequently.

What’s the dose of Antangin for kids?

Dosage for kids aged 6 to 12

Liquid Sachets and tablets: half the grownup dose

In what dosages and preparations is Antangin out there?

Antangin is obtainable in pill and syrup type.

Unwanted side effects

What are the attainable unwanted effects of Antangin?

Not everybody experiences unwanted effects when utilizing this drug. There can also be some unwanted effects that haven’t been talked about above. When you have issues about sure unwanted effects, seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist.

Prevention & Warnings

Is Antangin secure for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies?

At all times seek the advice of your physician or midwife earlier than utilizing any drugs, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning a being pregnant.

Drug Interactions

What medicines shouldn’t be taken with Antangin?

Drug interactions can change the efficiency of your medicine or improve the danger of great unwanted effects. Not all attainable drug interactions are listed on this doc. Preserve an inventory of all of the merchandise you employ (together with prescription / nonprescription medicines and natural merchandise) and seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist. Don’t begin, cease or change the dose of any drug with out the physician's approval.

What meals and drinks shouldn’t be consumed when utilizing Antangin?

Sure medicines shouldn’t be used when consuming or when consuming sure meals as a result of drug interactions can happen. Consuming alcohol or tobacco with sure medication may trigger interactions to happen. Focus on your use of medication with meals, alcohol, or tobacco along with your physician.


What ought to I do in an emergency or overdose?

In an emergency state of affairs or overdose, name 119 or instantly rush to the closest hospital.

What ought to I do if I overlook to take medicine or overlook to take drugs?

If you happen to miss a dose, take it as quickly as attainable whenever you bear in mind. Nevertheless, for those who solely bear in mind after it's time for the subsequent dose, simply ignore the missed dose, and proceed utilizing it on schedule. Don’t use this drug in double doses.

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