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What’s the drug Amisulpride used for?

Amisulpride is a drug for treating schizophrenia. Amisulpride works by inhibiting the results of chemical substances within the mind which are thought to have an effect on ideas, emotions, and habits.

What are the foundations for utilizing Amisulpride?

All the time take Amisulpride tablets precisely because the physician says. It is best to test together with your physician or pharmacist in case you are uncertain. Use of this drug:

  • Use this drugs by mouth
  • Swallow or divide the pill with a glass of water. Don’t chew the pill
  • Drink earlier than consuming
  • When you really feel the results of the drug are too weak or too robust, don't change the dosage your self, however ask your physician
  • In case you are informed by a health care provider that you’re not immune to sugar, contact your physician earlier than taking this medicinal product.

How do I save Amisulpride?

Retailer medicine at room temperature away from mild and moisture. Don’t retailer within the lavatory and freeze the medication. Medication with completely different manufacturers could have other ways of storing. Verify the product field for directions on the way to retailer it, or ask the pharmacist. Avoid medication from kids and pets.

Don’t flush drugs in the bathroom or throw it into the drain if not informed to. Eliminate this product correctly whether it is previous the due date otherwise you not want it. Seek the advice of with a pharmacist or native waste disposal firm for extra in-depth particulars on the way to eliminate the product safely.


The data offered shouldn’t be an alternative to medical recommendation. ALWAYS seek the advice of a health care provider or pharmacist earlier than beginning remedy.

What’s the dose of Amisulpride for adults?

The standard dosage is between 50 mg and 800 mg every single day. The physician could begin at a decrease dose if obligatory. If obligatory the physician can prescribe as much as 1200 mg every single day.

Doses as much as 300 mg every day could also be taken as soon as a dose. Take the identical dose every single day.

Doses above 300 mg must be taken half within the morning and half at night time.

What’s the dose of Amisulpride for youngsters?

Amisulpride shouldn’t be given to kids underneath 18 years.

In what dosages and preparations is Amisulpride obtainable?

Tablets, oral: 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 400 mg.

Injections: four mL / 200 mg

Resolution, oral: 100 mg / mL

Unwanted side effects

What unwanted effects would possibly happen resulting from Amisulpride?

Like all medication, Amisulpride could cause unwanted effects, though not everybody will get it.

Cease utilizing Amisulpride tablets and see a health care provider instantly or go to the hospital when you:

  • Having excessive physique temperature, sweating, stiff muscular tissues, quick heartbeat, quick respiratory and feeling confused, sleepy or irritable. This can be a symptom of a critical however uncommon facet impact known as "neuroleptic malignant syndrome"
  • Having an uncommon heartbeat, a really quick heartbeat or chest ache that may end up in a coronary heart assault or life-threatening coronary heart illness.
  • You expertise blood clots within the veins, particularly within the legs (signs embrace swelling, ache, and redness within the legs), which can movement by way of the blood vessels to the lungs inflicting chest ache and problem respiratory. In case you are conscious of those signs, search medical recommendation as quickly as attainable.
  • You’ve gotten extra infections than traditional. This could possibly be resulting from blood issues (agranulocytosis) or decreased white blood cell rely (neutropenia).

Much less frequent unwanted effects (affecting lower than 1 in 100 individuals):

  • You’ve gotten an allergic response. Indicators could embrace: itching, bump-like rashes, problem swallowing or respiratory, swelling of the lips, face, throat or tongue
  • You’ve gotten convulsions.

Notify the physician as quickly as attainable when you expertise the next unwanted effects:

Quite common (impacts greater than 1 in 10 individuals):

  • Trembling, muscle stiffness or spasms, sluggish actions, producing extra saliva than traditional or feeling stressed.

Basic (impacts lower than 1 in 10 individuals)

  • Uncontrolled actions, particularly of the legs and arms. (these signs might be decreased if the physician reduces the dosage of Amisulpride or gives further prescription medicine).

Unusual (impacts lower than 1 in 100 individuals)

  • Uncontrolled actions, particularly the face or tongue.

Different unwanted effects embrace:

Basic (impacts lower than 1 in 10 individuals)

  • Problem sleeping (insomnia) or feeling anxious or irritable
  • Sleepy
  • Constipation, feeling or being sick, dry mouth
  • Acquire weight
  • Uncommon milk manufacturing in men and women, breast ache
  • Menstrual interval stops
  • Breast enlargement in males
  • Problem getting or sustaining an erection, or ejaculation
  • Really feel dizzy (possibly resulting from low blood strain)

Unusual (impacts lower than 1 in 100 individuals)

  • Heartbeat slows down
  • Excessive blood sugar (hyperglycemia)

Not everybody experiences the next unwanted effects. There could also be some unwanted effects not talked about above. When you expertise issues about sure unwanted effects, seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist.

Prevention & Warnings

What have to be identified earlier than utilizing Amisulpride?

Earlier than utilizing this drugs, inform your physician and pharmacist:

  • In case you are allergic to Amisulpride or different Amisulpride substances
  • In case you are pregnant, planning to turn into pregnant, or breastfeeding
  • You’ve gotten breast most cancers or "prolactin dependent tumor
  • You’re taking levodopa, a drugs to deal with Parkinson's illness
  • The affected person is underneath 18 years outdated.

Is Amisulpride secure for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies?

There is no such thing as a satisfactory analysis on the dangers of utilizing this drug in pregnant or nursing ladies. All the time seek the advice of your physician to think about the potential advantages and dangers earlier than utilizing this drugs. These medication fall into the class B threat of being pregnant (A = No threat, B = No threat in a number of research, C = Could also be dangerous, D = There’s constructive proof of threat, X = Contraindications, N = Not identified).


What medicines would possibly work together with Amisulpride?

Drug interactions would possibly change the best way medication work or enhance the danger of great unwanted effects. This doc doesn’t include all attainable drug interactions. Maintain an inventory of all of the merchandise you utilize (together with prescription / non-prescription medication and natural merchandise) and inform your physician and pharmacist. Don’t begin, cease or change the dosage of the drug with out the physician's approval.

  • Amiodarone
  • Clonidine
  • Disopyramide
  • Levodopa
  • Mefloquine
  • Quinidine
  • Sotalol
  • Anesthetic drugs
  • Analgesic
  • Antiarrhythmia
  • Antihypertensive
  • Antimalarians
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anxiolytic
  • Barbiturate
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Clonidine by-product
  • Blood pressure-lowering medication
  • Drugs that reach the QT interval
  • CNS suppressant medication
  • Narcotics
  • Sedative antihistamines

Can meals or alcohol work together with Amisulpride?

Sure medicines can’t be used when consuming or when consuming sure meals as a result of drug interactions can happen. Consuming alcohol or tobacco with sure medication can even trigger interactions to happen. Speak to an expert well being care supplier about utilizing medication with meals, alcohol or tobacco.

What well being situations can work together with Amisulpride?

Different medical issues would possibly have an effect on using this drug. Make sure to inform your physician when you have different medical issues, particularly:

  • Coronary heart situation or vascular illness
  • Liver, kidney, or prostate issues
  • Respiratory issues
  • Breast most cancers or "prolactin dependent tumor"
  • Epilepsy, despair, glaucoma, Parkinson's illness, or myasthenia gravis (a situation that causes muscle weak point)
  • Threat of stroke
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the pores and skin and whites of the eyes), or blood issues
  • The situation is named phaeochromocytoma (a tumor within the adrenal gland).


What ought to I do in an emergency or overdose?

In instances of emergency or overdose, contact your native emergency providers supplier (119) or instantly to the closest hospital emergency division.

What ought to I do if I miss a dose?

When you overlook one dose of this drugs, take it as quickly as attainable. Nonetheless, when it’s nearing the following dose, skip the missed dose and return to the same old dosage schedule. Don’t double the dose.

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