Four Potential Aspect Results of Dietary Yeast

Dietary yeast is a deactivated yeast, which implies yeast cells are killed throughout processing and inactive within the remaining product.

It’s described as having a nutty, tacky, and savory taste. It’s a standard vegan cheese substitute.

Dietary yeast comes within the type of powder or flakes. It’s a superb supply of many nutritional vitamins and minerals. It additionally gives quite a lot of potential well being advantages.

Whereas dietary yeast is a precious addition to many diets, there could also be some unwanted side effects related to utilizing it as a dietary complement.

Listed here are Four potential unwanted side effects of dietary yeast.

1. Could Trigger Disagreeable Digestive Aspect Results If Launched Too Rapidly

Although dietary yeast is low in energy, it’s full of fiber.

Actually, simply 2 tablespoons (21 grams) of dietary yeast flakes could present about 5 grams of dietary fiber. That’s about 20 p.c of the really helpful consumption (1).

A high-fiber weight loss plan can promote bowel regularity, but it surely’s vital to extend your fiber consumption steadily (2).

Introducing an excessive amount of fiber too shortly can result in stomach discomfort — equivalent to cramps and even diarrhea — particularly in the event you’re not used to consuming high-fiber meals.

Since dietary yeast packs numerous fiber in a single serving, it’s greatest to start out sluggish and regulate servings as your physique adapts to the upper fiber consumption.

When rising your fiber consumption, it’s all the time greatest to ensure you’re consuming sufficient fluids as properly to take care of correct digestion (3).

SUMMARY Dietary yeast is a wonderful supply of dietary fiber. Resulting from its excessive fiber content material, it’s greatest to introduce dietary yeast steadily to keep away from stomach discomfort.

2. Could Set off Complications or Migraine Assaults

Whereas dietary yeast is a good supply of many nutritional vitamins and minerals — equivalent to vitamin B-12 and zinc — some yeast merchandise comprise compounds like tyramine, which can set off migraine assaults in some people.


Tyramine is a compound derived from the amino acid tyrosine and located naturally in dietary yeast and concentrated yeast merchandise like Vegemite (4, 5).

Most people can get pleasure from tyramine-containing meals with out experiencing unfavorable unwanted side effects.

Nonetheless, some research present that tyramine could trigger migraine assaults in sure folks (6, 7, 8, 9).

Migraine is a situation characterised by recurring — typically debilitating — complications that trigger average to extreme ache.

Researchers are nonetheless attempting to know how tyramine triggers migraine assaults.

Nonetheless, it seems that tyramine could act on the central nervous system. It releases varied hormones, which can result in a rise in blood strain and trigger complications (5, 10).

SUMMARY Dietary yeast could comprise compounds like tyramine that may set off complications in some folks. People with migraine could wish to keep away from dietary yeast because of this.

3. Could Trigger Facial Flushing

Dietary yeast is a wonderful supply of niacin.

Simply 1 tablespoon (11 grams) of dietary yeast flakes could present over 38 mg of niacin. That’s greater than double the each day worth for each women and men (1, 11).

Niacin — often known as vitamin B-3 — is concerned in lots of very important processes in your physique, equivalent to metabolism and enzyme operate (12).

Nonetheless, consuming massive quantities of niacin could trigger facial flushing (13).

It’s characterised as a flush of pink on the pores and skin, which can be adopted by a burning and itching sensation that happens inside 10–20 minutes after ingesting niacin in excessive doses.

Whereas facial flushing could also be uncomfortable, it’s typically not related to hurt and sometimes subsides inside one to 2 hours (14).

Moreover, facial flushing typically solely happens after consuming extraordinarily excessive doses of niacin — equivalent to 500 mg or extra — which may often solely be reached in complement type (15).

Though facial flushing is just not harmful, excessive doses of niacin could cause different, extra harmful unwanted side effects, equivalent to liver failure. Nonetheless, that is uncommon (16).

Facial flushing attributable to dietary yeast almost certainly wouldn’t happen after consuming just a few servings. It’s extra typical after ingesting very massive doses.

SUMMARY Dietary yeast is an ample supply of niacin. Though facial flushing is just not related to hurt, consuming massive doses of niacin could cause different, doubtlessly dangerous unwanted side effects.

4. Yeast Intolerance and Inflammatory Bowel Illness

Although comparatively unusual, some folks could also be illiberal of dietary yeast.

It seems this can be commonest in people with inflammatory bowel illness (IBD), equivalent to Crohn’s illness.

Yeast could set off an immune response in sure people with IBD. Some research recommend it could worsen signs (17, 18, 19).

Nonetheless, the function of dietary yeast within the growth of IBD remains to be unclear. No sturdy proof signifies it’s a direct reason for the illness.

SUMMARY Research point out that dietary yeast could contribute to signs in a proportion of individuals with inflammatory bowel illness (IBD).

The Backside Line

Dietary yeast is a deactivated type of yeast filled with nutritional vitamins, minerals, and vitamins.

It has a savory, tacky taste and might simply be added to quite a lot of totally different meals and snacks.

Though dietary yeast is mostly secure for most individuals, it could trigger unfavorable reactions in people who’re delicate to it.

In massive doses, it might probably trigger digestive discomfort or facial flushing resulting from its high-fiber and niacin content material, respectively.

Dietary yeast might also comprise tyramine, which can set off migraine complications in some people.

It’s greatest to introduce dietary yeast slowly into your weight loss plan and persist with decrease doses of dietary supplements to attenuate undesirable unwanted side effects.

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