Anamu: Makes use of, Advantages, and Risks

Anamu, scientifically often known as Petiveria alliacea, is a well-liked medicinal herb.

It has lengthy been utilized in people drugs to spice up immunity, battle irritation and ache, and deal with varied power ailments, together with sure cancers (1).

This text critiques the makes use of, advantages, and potential risks of anamu.

Anamu is a perennial herbaceous shrub that’s scientifically often known as Petiveria alliacea. It additionally goes by different names, together with tipi, mucura, apacin, guine, and guinea hen weed.

Whereas it thrives in tropical climates and is native to the Amazon rainforest, it could actually develop in varied areas, together with Central America, the Caribbean, and Southern United States (1).

Anamu’s leaves — and particularly its roots — are identified for his or her robust garlic-like odor, which comes from the shrub’s chemical elements, primarily sulfur compounds (2).

Historically, its leaves and roots have been utilized in people drugs for varied functions, together with boosting immunity, preventing cancers, and lowering irritation and ache (1).

Its potential advantages are believed to stem from its number of plant compounds, together with flavonoids, triterpenes, lipids, coumarin, and sulfur compounds (1).

Though analysis continues to be rising, test-tube and animal research have linked anamu to numerous advantages, together with diminished irritation, improved mind operate, and cancer-preventive properties (1, 3, 4).

It may be bought in well being shops and on-line, and it’s out there in a number of types, reminiscent of capsules, powders, tinctures, and dried leaves.

Abstract Anamu is an herbaceous shrub that has lengthy been utilized in people drugs. Check-tube and animal research have linked it to numerous potential advantages, together with diminished irritation, improved immunity, and anticancer results.

Research have linked anamu to quite a few potential well being advantages.

Might have antioxidant properties

Anamu accommodates varied plant-based compounds with antioxidant properties.

These embrace flavonoids, triterpenes, coumarins, sulfur compounds, and plenty of others (1, 5).

Antioxidants are molecules that may neutralize doubtlessly dangerous molecules referred to as free radicals, which may trigger mobile injury when their ranges turn out to be too excessive in your physique.

Injury attributable to extra free radicals is linked to elevated dangers of many power situations, together with coronary heart illness, most cancers, mind problems, and diabetes (6).

Might scale back irritation and alleviate ache

In people drugs practices, anamu was historically used to assist scale back irritation and alleviate ache.

Extra lately, animal and test-tube research have demonstrated that anamu leaf extract reduces markers of irritation, reminiscent of tumor necrosis issue alpha (TNF-α), prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β), and interleukin-6 (IL-6) (3, 7).

The truth is, animal research have discovered that anamu extracts considerably alleviate ache (8, 9).

Nevertheless, a small human research in 14 folks with osteoarthritis noticed that ingesting an anamu-based tea was no more practical than a placebo at relieving ache (10).

Extra human analysis is required earlier than recommending anamu for irritation and ache.

Might improve psychological efficiency

Animal analysis means that anamu might improve mind operate.

One research gave rats anamu leaf extract and located that they confirmed enhancements in learning-based duties and short- and long-term reminiscence (4).

One other animal research famous that anamu extract improved long-term reminiscence and diminished indicators of hysteria. Nevertheless, anamu didn’t seem to reinforce short-term reminiscence (11).

Whereas these findings are promising, human research are wanted earlier than recommending anamu for psychological efficiency.

Might have anticancer properties

Some proof means that anamu has potential anticancer properties.

Check-tube research have demonstrated that anamu extracts might suppress most cancers cell progress and induce cell demise in lung, colon, prostate, breast, and pancreas most cancers cells, amongst others (1, 12, 13, 14).

These potential anticancer properties could also be linked to numerous compounds in anamu, together with flavonoids, coumarins, fatty acids, and sulfur compounds (14).

That mentioned, human research are wanted to verify these results.

Different potential advantages

Anamu might provide different potential advantages, together with:

  • Might have antimicrobial properties. Anamu accommodates sulfur compounds, which test-tube research have proven might have antibacterial and antifungal properties (15, 16).
  • Might enhance immunity. Check-tube research point out that a number of anamu compounds might assist stimulate the immune system, although analysis on this space is restricted (17).
  • Might scale back anxiousness. Some animal research have noticed that anamu extract might scale back indicators of hysteria. Nonetheless, different animal research present blended results (11, 18, 19).

Abstract Anamu has been linked to a number of potential well being advantages, reminiscent of improved psychological efficiency and immunity, in addition to diminished irritation, ache, and anxiousness. It could even have antioxidant, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties.

Anamu may be bought in well being shops, in addition to online.

It is available in a number of types, together with capsules, powders, tinctures, and as dry leaves.

As a consequence of restricted human analysis, there’s not sufficient data to offer dosage suggestions. Most anamu complement labels advocate dosages between 400–1,250 mg per day, although it’s unknown if these suggestions are secure or efficient.

As well as, there’s at present restricted human analysis on its security and potential unwanted side effects.

A number of animal research have proven that short-term anamu use has low toxicity. Nevertheless, extended use at excessive doses has been linked to unwanted side effects like drowsiness, restlessness, confusion, tremors, impaired coordination, seizures, and extra (2).

Anamu just isn’t really helpful for kids or ladies who’re pregnant or breastfeeding, as there’s not sufficient analysis to help its security in these populations.

It’s additionally price noting that dietary dietary supplements like anamu will not be examined for security and largely unregulated, so they could comprise totally different doses than specified on the label.

Furthermore, there’s not sufficient data on the security of taking anamu alongside medicine. It accommodates small quantities of coumarin, a pure blood thinner, so it could work together with blood-thinning medicines and different medicines for coronary heart situations.

As with all dietary complement, it’s finest to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than taking anamu.

Abstract Given the dearth of human analysis on anamu, there’s not sufficient data to offer dosage suggestions or guarantee its security in people.

Anamu is an natural treatment that has been linked to numerous well being advantages.

Check-tube and animal research have related it with improved psychological operate and immunity, diminished ranges of irritation, ache, and anxiousness, in addition to antioxidant, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties.

Nevertheless, there are only a few human research on its potential well being advantages or unwanted side effects. This makes it tough to offer dosage suggestions and guarantee its security.

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