Does Mineral Water Have Well being Advantages?

Mineral water comes from pure underground reservoirs and is derived (1).

It may be excessive in a number of important minerals, together with calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Subsequently, consuming mineral water might provide some well being advantages.

This text discusses what mineral water is, its potential well being advantages, and the way it compares with different kinds of water.

In contrast to different kinds of water, mineral water is bottled at its supply and accommodates pure minerals and different hint components (1).

In line with the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA), mineral water should have at least 250 components per million (ppm) of whole dissolved solids — or minerals and hint components— from the supply. Including minerals throughout bottling shouldn’t be allowed (1, 2).

In contrast to membership soda and seltzer, glowing mineral water is of course carbonated, however including or eradicating carbon dioxide (CO2) fuel throughout bottling is allowed (1, 2).

Mineral water may be handled to get rid of doubtlessly poisonous substances like arsenic (1, 2, 3).

As its identify suggests, mineral water can include excessive quantities of minerals and different naturally occurring compounds, together with magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, chloride, and fluoride (1).

The kinds and quantities of minerals depend upon the place the water comes from. Consequently, the well being advantages and taste of mineral water varies enormously.

Lastly, whereas faucet water can present some minerals, bottled mineral water is mostly greater in these compounds (4).


Mineral water is bottled immediately on the supply and usually accommodates greater quantities of important minerals than faucet water. The supply of the water impacts its mineral composition, potential well being advantages, and taste.

Resulting from its distinctive composition of minerals and natural compounds, pure mineral water might provide some well being advantages.

Might promote bone well being

Sufficient calcium consumption is necessary for bone well being in any respect phases of life, because it aids bone growth and upkeep (5).

Mineral water has been proven to be an excellent supply of calcium. The truth is, research have proven that your physique can soak up calcium from mineral water as successfully as — if not higher than — calcium from dairy merchandise (6, 7).

One research in 255 postmenopausal ladies discovered that those that usually drank calcium-rich mineral water had considerably greater bone mass density than those that drank water with decrease ranges of calcium (8).

Moreover, the bicarbonate and magnesium present in mineral water may help robust bones (1, 9, 10).

Might assist decrease blood stress

Analysis means that insufficient calcium and magnesium ranges might contribute to hypertension, which is a danger issue for coronary heart illness (1, 11, 12).

A current research related consuming water excessive in magnesium and calcium with considerably decrease blood stress ranges (13).

Provided that mineral water could be a good supply of each of those vitamins, consuming it could assist decrease blood stress ranges, particularly in individuals who have elevated ranges (14).

One 4-week research in 70 adults with borderline hypertension discovered that consuming at the very least 34 ounces (1 liter) of pure mineral water per day considerably lowered blood stress ranges (14).

Nevertheless, a evaluate of 20 research mineral water’s impact on blood stress discovered inconsistent outcomes. Subsequently, extra research are wanted to raised perceive the connection between consuming mineral water and blood stress (15).

Might profit coronary heart well being

Carbonated mineral water may defend in opposition to coronary heart illness.

Two research in postmenopausal ladies discovered that consuming 17–34 ounces (0.5–1 liter) of carbonated mineral water per day considerably diminished ranges of triglycerides and LDL (unhealthy) ldl cholesterol, whereas growing ranges of HDL (good) ldl cholesterol (16, 17).

The magnesium on this water may profit coronary heart well being, as one research related greater ranges of magnesium in water with a decreased danger of dying from coronary heart illness (18).

Whereas promising, extra long-term research are wanted to find out how consuming mineral water impacts measures of coronary heart well being.

May help with constipation

Magnesium-rich mineral water may assist stop and deal with constipation.

Analysis has proven that magnesium attracts water into the intestines and relaxes intestinal muscle mass. Mixed, this makes stools softer and simpler to move (19).

A 6-week research in 106 individuals with purposeful constipation discovered that consuming 17 ounces (500 ml) of magnesium and sulfate-rich mineral water per day considerably improved bowel motion frequency and stool consistency (19).

That mentioned, understand that satisfactory fluid consumption — no matter mineral content material — has been proven to enhance digestion and assist keep common bowel actions (20, 21).


Pure mineral water can present necessary minerals that help each bone and digestive well being. Whereas the sort of water may assist decrease blood stress and help coronary heart well being, extra long-term research are wanted.

Though consuming mineral water is taken into account protected for most people, some manufacturers could also be too excessive in sodium for many who want a low-sodium eating regimen (1, 22).

Moreover, there are some considerations concerning the microplastic content material of mineral water in plastic bottles (1, 22).

Whereas the long-term well being results of microplastics are nonetheless unknown, early animal and test-tube research recommend that these small particles can accumulate in your physique and improve irritation (23, 24).

Lastly, glowing mineral water is extra acidic than common water, and the publicity to acid might harm your tooth enamel.

Whereas analysis is proscribed, one research discovered that glowing mineral water broken tooth enamel solely barely greater than common faucet water — and was 100 instances much less damaging than sugary mushy drinks (25).


Ingesting mineral water is mostly thought of protected, and the glowing model has been proven to solely barely harm tooth enamel. Nevertheless, there are considerations about microplastic toxicity from consuming mineral water from plastic bottles.

Mineral water is bottled immediately on the supply and sometimes accommodates important minerals, significantly calcium and magnesium.

Whereas the precise mineral composition will depend on the place the water comes from, consuming mineral water might have a number of well being advantages.

Nevertheless, there are different methods to acquire these minerals. Thus, selecting between faucet and mineral water ought to be decided by which sort you want greatest.

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