Consuming Three Liters of Water per Day: Advantages and Downsides

It’s no secret that water is significant to your well being.

In reality, water contains 45–75% of your physique weight and performs a key function in coronary heart well being, weight administration, bodily efficiency, and mind perform (1).

Research present that upping your water consumption could provide many well being advantages (2).

Nevertheless, the quantity of water you want is a topic of controversy — and ingesting an excessive amount of can hurt your well being.

This text examines the advantages and drawbacks of ingesting Three liters (100 ounces) of water per day.

Staying effectively hydrated is extremely vital, as water is required for quite a lot of bodily processes and central to almost each side of well being and wellness.

Particularly, this fluid helps regulate physique temperature, transport vitamins, keep mind perform, and improve bodily efficiency (3).

Not getting sufficient water will be detrimental, doubtlessly inflicting unwanted side effects like nausea, fatigue, constipation, complications, and dizziness (4).

Subsequently, ingesting Three liters (100 ounces) of water per day could assist you to meet your hydration must help higher well being.


Consuming sufficient water is vital for a lot of elements of well being, together with physique temperature, nutrient transport, and mind perform.

Growing your water consumption could support weight reduction.

Consuming water simply earlier than meals will be particularly helpful, as it may promote emotions of fullness and cut back urge for food.

One research in 24 folks discovered that ingesting 500 ml (17 ounces) of water earlier than breakfast diminished the variety of energy consumed by 13% (5).

Equally, a small, 12-week research confirmed that ingesting 500 ml (17 ounces) of water earlier than every meal as a part of a low-calorie weight loss plan elevated weight reduction by 44%, in contrast with a management group (6).

Consuming water may additionally briefly enhance your metabolism, which may improve the variety of energy you burn all through the day.

In a small research in 16 folks, ingesting 500 ml (17 ounces) of water briefly elevated metabolism by 24% over 1 hour, which can support weight reduction (7).


Water could assist you to really feel full and briefly improve your metabolism, which can bolster weight reduction.

Some analysis means that ingesting extra water will help maintain your pores and skin supple and easy.

For instance, a month-long research in 49 folks decided that rising water consumption by 2 liters (67 ounces) per day improved pores and skin hydration, particularly in those that usually drank below 3.2 liters (108 ounces) of water each day (8).

One other research in 40 older adults linked greater fluid consumption to elevated pores and skin hydration and pores and skin floor pH (9).

Pores and skin pH performs an integral function in sustaining your pores and skin’s barrier, which may affect your threat of sure pores and skin situations (10).

Moreover, a assessment of six research discovered that elevated water consumption diminished dryness and roughness, elevated pores and skin elasticity, and enhanced hydration (11).


Consuming extra water could promote wholesome pores and skin by rising hydration and elasticity whereas lowering roughness and dryness.

Consuming extra water could provide a number of different advantages as effectively, together with:

  • Elevated regularity. A number of research affiliate low water consumption with a better threat of constipation. As such, ingesting extra water could promote bowel actions (12).
  • Kidney stone prevention. One assessment of 9 research tied greater fluid consumption to a decrease threat of kidney stones (13).
  • Headache reduction. Analysis means that ingesting extra water can alleviate complications attributable to dehydration or fluid loss (14, 15).
  • Temper enchancment. In response to one assessment, rising water consumption could support each mind perform and temper, particularly in youngsters and older adults (16).
  • Enhanced athletic skill. Whereas dehydration can impair train efficiency, changing fluids after bodily exercise can improve endurance and reduce exercise-induced DNA harm (17).


Consuming Three liters (100 ounces) of water per day could support bowel regularity, stop kidney stones, alleviate complications, enhance temper, and strengthen bodily efficiency.

Whereas ingesting extra water could support your well being, Three liters (100 ounces) will not be the correct amount for everybody.

Presently, no official suggestions exist for the consumption of plain water alone. The quantity you want is predicated on a number of elements, corresponding to age, gender, and exercise degree (18).

Nevertheless, there are suggestions for whole water consumption, which incorporates water consumed by means of all meals and drinks, corresponding to plain water, fruits, and greens.

A complete each day consumption of round 2.7 liters (91 ounces) for ladies and three.7 liters (125 ounces) for males can meet most adults’ wants (19).

Relying on the opposite meals and drinks you devour, you might not have to drink Three liters (100 ounces) of water per day to fulfill your fluid necessities.

Merely listening to your physique and ingesting while you really feel thirsty is among the finest methods to make sure that you’re staying hydrated. In reality, most individuals can meet their each day wants by ingesting water after they’re thirsty (19).

Notably, some people, corresponding to athletes and guide laborers, may have greater than Three liters (100 ounces) of water per day (20).

Consuming an excessive amount of water will be harmful

Understand that extreme water consumption will be harmful.

Consuming an excessive amount of can disrupt your physique’s electrolyte stability, resulting in hyponatremia, or low ranges of sodium in your blood (21).

Signs of hyponatremia embody weak point, confusion, nausea, vomiting, and — in extreme circumstances — even loss of life (22).

Though your kidneys can excrete as much as 20–28 liters (4.5–6 gallons) of water per day, they’ll solely course of 800–1,000 ml (27–34 ounces) of water per hour (23).

For that reason, it’s vital to unfold your water consumption all through the day fairly than drink all of it in a single sitting. Moreover, be sure you hearken to your physique and modify your water consumption accordingly in the event you’re feeling unwell.


Water wants differ based mostly on quite a few elements. As ingesting an excessive amount of water can disrupt your physique’s electrolyte stability and result in hyponatremia, Three liters (100 ounces) could also be an excessive amount of for some folks.

Growing your water consumption could present many well being advantages, particularly for weight reduction and pores and skin well being.

Whereas ingesting Three liters (100 ounces) each day could assist you to meet your wants, it isn’t essential for everybody. In reality, ingesting an excessive amount of water will be harmful.

To make sure you’re staying hydrated, drink while you really feel thirsty and at all times hearken to your physique.

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