Is It Worth the Price?

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Whether you’re interested in the convenience, ability to work out in your home, or a long-term investment to save on gym membership fees, treadmills are a popular choice for staying fit and healthy at home.

One popular option is the Peloton treadmill, which claims to offer a workout experience that keeps you coming back for more with its library of workout classes and high definition (HD) touchscreen display.

However, despite its growing popularity, you may wonder whether the Peloton treadmill delivers on this claim while offering dependability against the wear and tear of regular use.

This article provides a detailed review of the Peloton treadmill so that you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

Known for its flagship stationary bikes that are rigged with HD touchscreen displays that stream live and on-demand workout classes, Peloton expanded its offerings to include a treadmill called Tread+ in late 2018.

Like the stationary bikes, the Tread+ comes equipped with a touchscreen that streams thousands of workout classes.

Led by several instructors, these workout classes vary in length and difficulty and go beyond traditional treadmill workouts to include strength training, yoga, stretching, and more.

For the classes led off of the treadmill, you can follow along using the touchscreen or cast the workouts to a nearby smart TV for viewing.

If you prefer to work out on your own without an instructor, you can choose from several scenic walks, runs, or hikes to complete at your own pace.

Through their all-access membership, Peloton provides individual profiles for household access that allow members to view and track workout metrics like speed, mileage, and heart rate.

Peloton currently offers the Tread+ as its sole treadmill product but is set to double its lineup with the release of a new, less expensive treadmill called the Tread in early 2021.


The Peloton Tread+ features a large HD touchscreen display that streams a variety of workouts. Peloton has announced the release of a new, less expensive treadmill for early 2021.

There are many factors, including some that may not be so obvious, to consider when deciding which treadmill is the best fit for you and your space.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the specs for the Peloton Tread and Tread+:

Both the Tread and Tread+ also come with delivery and assembly, as well as training on how to use them, which is led by a team of professionals.

They also come with a 1-year limited warranty for the touchscreen and “most original components,” as well as a 3-year warranty for the frame, drive motor, and walking belt.

According to the Peloton website, orders will be delivered in 4–9 weeks.


When deciding which treadmill is best for you, consider factors like who will use it, its measurements, and space requirements, as well as its performance and other technical aspects.

The Peloton Tread+ starts at $4,295 plus tax.

If you qualify, you can set up a payment plan to pay $111 per month for 39 months at a 0% annual percentage rate.

Peloton also offers the Tread+ in these three package deals:

  • Tread+ Essentials ($4,565): includes a workout mat, resistance bands, heart rate monitor, and choice of two sets of dumbbells ranging from 5 pounds (2.2 kg) to 30 pounds (13.6 kg)
  • Tread+ Works ($4,665): includes everything in the Essential package with the addition of wireless headphones and a glass water bottle
  • Tread+ Family ($4,865): includes everything in the Works package, plus an extra glass water bottle, heart rate monitor, pair of wireless headphones, and third set of dumbbells

The Peloton Tread will cost significantly less at $2,495 upon its release.

Peloton will also offer an interest-free monthly payment plan of $64 per month for 39 months to those who qualify.

With the purchase of the Tread or Tread+, you must also pay $39 per month for the all-access membership to unlock Peloton’s fully integrated library of live and on-demand workout classes.

While this subscription isn’t required to use the treadmill, the touchscreen — aside from some basic controls like speed — would be useless, as Peloton prohibits users from downloading apps like YouTube and Netflix or accessing other websites.

That said, plan on paying the $39 monthly all-access membership fee if you choose to purchase the Tread+ or — upon its release — the Tread.

People who don’t have a Peloton treadmill can pay $12.99 per month to access the same library of workout classes through the Peloton app to work out on a standard treadmill or wherever they choose.

The Peloton app is included in the $39 monthly all-access membership, allowing you to take workouts outdoors or on the road.


The Peloton Tread+ starts at $4,256, while the Tread will start at $2,495 upon its release. These costs are in addition to the $39 monthly subscription fee to unlock Peloton’s live and on-demand workout classes.

With a near $4,300 price tag (plus the cost of tax), the Tread+ is no small investment.

However, if you regularly attend studio fitness classes, which can cost between $30 and $50 per class, the Tread+ may be a good alternative to save money in the long run.

Alternatively, if you prefer to work out independently and don’t enjoy or rely on instructor-led fitness classes for motivation, your money may be better spent on a standard treadmill.

Should you decide the Tread+ has what you’re looking for but still fret about the price, it may be worth waiting for the release of the Tread and its $1,800 cheaper price.

You’ll miss out on the larger screen, steeper incline, and longer slat running belt, but these features may not make a significant difference to you.

In either case, Peloton offers a home trial program to first-time purchasers.

If you’re not satisfied with the treadmill, you can schedule a free pickup for a full refund within 30 days of its delivery. This refund also includes the $39 access membership fee.

In some states, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as parts of Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany, the home trial is not offered (1).

If you purchase the Tread+ outside of the home trial program, you can still return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund minus a $300 return shipping fee.

Despite the seemingly customer-focused return policy and mostly positive reviews, there have been several poor reviews about the treadmill’s quality and repair service, which you can read in the review section of their website.


At first glance, the cost of the Tread+ can be a little overwhelming, so consider whether it meets your requirements from a financial and exercise preference standpoint.

Peloton offers the Tread+ as its sole treadmill product with plans to release a second, more affordable option called the Tread in early 2021.

The Tread+ features a large touchscreen display that streams thousands of live and on-demand workout programs both on and off the treadmill.

Due to the relatively high price tag of the Tread+, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors, such as its space requirements, performance, and other technical aspects.

Also, keep in mind that some customers have voiced concerns over the treadmill’s quality, but most of the reviews have been positive.

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