Oat Straw Extract (Avena sativa): Advantages, Downsides, and Makes use of

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Oat straw comes from the unripened Avena sativa plant, which is usually grown in Northern Europe and North America (1).

As an extract, oat straw is usually bought as a tincture however will also be present in powder and capsule type.

It’s believed to supply quite a few well being advantages, resembling decreased irritation and improved mind operate and temper (2).

This text opinions oat straw extract and its potential advantages.

Avena sativa, or frequent oat, is a species of cereal grass identified for its extremely nutritious seeds (1, 3).

Whereas its mature seeds are what turn out to be the oats you purchase, oat straw extract comes from its stems and leaves, that are harvested earlier whereas the grass continues to be inexperienced (2).

Oat straw extract goes by many names, together with inexperienced oat and wild oat extracts.

It’s excessive in iron, manganese, and zinc, although its nutrient composition can fluctuate by model (3).

The extract is claimed to supply many well being advantages, together with enhancements in mind well being, insomnia, stress, and bodily and sexual efficiency. Nonetheless, not all of those advantages are supported by analysis.


Oat straw extract comes from the stems and leaves of the unripened Avena sativa plant and is excessive in iron, manganese, and zinc. Whereas it has been reported to supply quite a few advantages, not all of them are supported by analysis.

Whereas many advantages have been linked to oat straw extract, only some have been studied.

Could enhance blood move

Analysis reveals that impaired blood move is a danger issue for coronary heart illness and stroke (4, 5, 6).

Inexperienced oat extract accommodates a novel group of antioxidants known as avenanthramides, which have been proven to enhance coronary heart well being (7, 8).

Particularly, they could enhance blood move by growing the manufacturing of nitric oxide, a molecule that helps dilate blood vessels (4, 5).

One 24-week examine in 37 older adults with extra weight discovered that supplementing with 1,500 mg of oat straw extract every day considerably improved measures of blood move within the coronary heart and mind, in contrast with a placebo (4).

Whereas analysis reveals that oat straw extract could assist preserve a wholesome coronary heart, extra long-term research are wanted to completely perceive its results.

Could cut back irritation

Persistent irritation has been proven to extend your danger of circumstances like coronary heart illness, kind 2 diabetes, and sure cancers (9).

Oat straw extract is wealthy in lots of antioxidants, together with avenanthramides, which have been proven to assist cut back irritation, thereby lowering your danger of those diseases (4, 7).

Moreover, test-tube research point out that avenanthramides from oats can cut back the manufacturing and secretion of cytokines, that are proinflammatory compounds which might be linked to an elevated danger of coronary heart illness and different power circumstances (10, 11).

Could enhance mind operate

Oat straw extract could assist enhance mind operate in older adults.

Two research in older adults with impaired mind operate discovered that supplementing with 800–1,600 mg of inexperienced oat extract considerably improved reminiscence, consideration, and focus (12, 13).

Nonetheless, these research have been funded by the corporate that created the complement, which can have influenced these findings.

One other 12-week examine in 36 wholesome adults with regular mind operate noticed that supplementing with 1,500 mg of inexperienced oat extract every day didn’t change measures of consideration, reminiscence, job focus, accuracy, or multi-tasking efficiency (14).

Total, present analysis on oat straw extract and mind operate is restricted, and it has not been proven to profit adults with regular mind operate.

Could enhance temper

Historically, oat straw extract has been used to alleviate stress, nervousness, and despair (15).

Whereas analysis is restricted, some research recommend that the extract could enhance temper by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase kind 4 (PDE4), which is present in immune cells (2).

Analysis means that inhibiting PDE4 could cut back stress, nervousness, and despair (16, 17).

Moreover, oat straw extract could cut back ranges of proinflammatory cytokines, which can be concerned within the growth of despair and different psychiatric issues (7, 18, 19).

One rat examine discovered {that a} low dose of inexperienced oat extract over seven weeks considerably improved the animals’ means to manage and react to emphasize, in contrast with a placebo (2).

Nonetheless, these outcomes haven’t been replicated in people.


Oat straw extract could enhance blood move and a few elements of mind operate in older adults. Moreover, test-tube and rat research point out that it might cut back irritation and enhance temper, however extra human research are wanted to substantiate these results.

Oat straw extract has not been linked to any main uncomfortable side effects or treatment interactions, however analysis on its security is restricted (3).

Moreover, the extract has not been studied in kids or ladies who’re pregnant or nursing, so it’s unclear whether or not this complement is secure to make use of in these populations.

Like all complement, seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than taking oat straw extract to make sure correct security.

What’s extra, whereas oat straw is of course gluten-free, there could also be a danger of cross-contamination throughout processing. These needing to keep away from gluten ought to solely purchase oat straw extract that’s licensed gluten-free.


Whereas oat straw extract is taken into account to be typically secure, proof on its security for youngsters or throughout being pregnant and breastfeeding is missing. If you must keep away from gluten, solely purchase oat straw extract that’s licensed gluten-free.

Oat straw extract might be bought online and from well being meals shops.

You could find it in a wide range of types, together with capsules, powders, and tinctures.

Analysis signifies that dosages of 800–1,600 mg per day are simplest (4, 12, 13).

Nonetheless, dosing quantities can fluctuate by product and particular person wants.

Moreover, analysis on its security and efficacy is restricted. Extra human research are wanted to find out secure dosing suggestions and whether or not the extract is efficient.

Whereas oat straw extract is taken into account secure for most individuals, it’s greatest to debate its use along with your healthcare supplier.


Oat straw extract is obtainable in a number of types, together with powders, capsules, and tinctures. Whereas analysis has proven 800–1,600 mg per day to be simplest, the precise dosage can fluctuate by particular person wants and merchandise.

Oat straw extract comes from the stems and leaves of the unripened Avena sativa plant.

Human research point out that it might enhance mind operate in older adults and coronary heart well being.

Furthermore, test-tube and animal research recommend that it might cut back power irritation and enhance temper.

Whereas these potential advantages are promising, extra analysis is required to know its full impact in people.

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