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PlateJoy is a meal planning service that promises to help you save money and eat better by preparing fresh and healthy meals at home.

It collects detailed information about your food preferences to build a custom menu curated for you and your household.

It also creates an organized grocery list based on what you already have and what you need to purchase, thereby simplifying your weekly shopping trip.

This article looks at some of the pros and cons of PlateJoy and who should try it.

PlateJoy is a subscription-based meal planning service that creates a personalized weekly menu and helps streamline your shopping list.

It can be accessed online or downloaded as an app on both Apple and Android devices.

When signing up, you’re able to add all of the members of your household and indicate the desired portion sizes and dietary restrictions for each person.

You can also note any specific weight loss goals, food and grocery shopping preferences, time constraints, and dietary restrictions.

PlateJoy uses this information to suggest recipes and nutritionist-designed daily menus specifically for you and your household.

After reviewing your custom menu, you’re able to create a digital pantry specifying which ingredients you already have on hand. This can be used to create a shopping list that minimizes food waste and ensures that you’re only buying what you need.

PlateJoy also offers grocery delivery from partners like Amazon Fresh and Instacart for an additional cost.

PlateJoy offers a wide array of recipes and meals to please nearly any palate.

In fact, you can customize your meal plans to fit a variety of eating patterns, including:

  • clean eating
  • low carb
  • Mediterranean
  • dairy-free
  • keto
  • paleo
  • kid-friendly
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • pescatarian
  • gluten-free
  • low FODMAP

Most plans can also be combined, and specific ingredients can be filtered out, making it easy to find recipes that suit even the pickiest eaters.

After reviewing your menu, you’re able to swap out recipes and find others that may work better for you.

You can also input your own recipes manually or search for recipes on the website and add them to your menu.

PlateJoy makes it easy to incorporate a variety of nutritious ingredients into your daily diet.

The service not only allows you to filter out specific ingredients based on your personal preferences but also takes several other factors into account.

For example, PlateJoy allows you to customize your menu based on whether you prefer using seasonal produce, how much variety you’d like, and if you want to avoid precooked proteins or vegetables.

You’re also able to select specific types of milk, bread, pasta, and rice to ensure that the recipes and shopping lists fit your needs.

PlateJoy boasts a massive recipe library with a variety of fresh and tasty meals tailored to your taste buds.

Additionally, it allows you to remove any recipes that you’d prefer to avoid.

With its smart shopping list feature, PlateJoy also ensures that you’re purchasing only what you need. This cuts back on food waste and ensures that you’re stocking up on fresh new ingredients each week.

PlateJoy is simple to use and requires minimal time and effort, making it easy to whip up fresh and delicious meals at home no matter how much time you have during the week.

When creating your personal menu, you can specify how much time you have to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as whether you prefer quick options or more complex recipes.

You can also select certain recipes that can be prepared in larger batches and enjoyed as leftovers throughout the week.

Another feature that helps you save time includes grocery delivery using your custom shopping list for an additional cost.

PlateJoy is a subscription-based service that offers several different packages.

For standard meal planning, PlateJoy is available in 6- and 12-month packages that cost $69 and $99, respectively.

PlateJoy Weight Loss is another option that selects lower calorie meals and adjusts portion sizes to help you meet your weight loss goals. These 3- and 6-month packages cost $89 and $119, respectively.

The service also offers a free 10-day trial, which can help you determine whether PlateJoy is right for you before you commit to one of their packages.

PlateJoy provides a long list of frequently asked questions on its website, with video tutorials and answers to common questions about personalizing your plan, making changes to your account, and using the website.

Additionally, it’s easy to manage your subscription or make changes to your plan online.

The service likewise offers a chat feature, which allows you to send a question to their team and receive a reply within a few hours.

However, no other contact information is available on the website, which may be inconvenient for those who prefer to contact customer service by phone or email.

Many other meal planning apps and websites offer similar features.

For example, the website Plan to Eat allows you to collect recipes, plan out your meals, and create an organized shopping list.

Similarly, Mealime is an app that allows you to create a menu and customized grocery list, taking your dietary needs and personal preferences into account.

Meanwhile, Eat This Much is a free option that builds a meal plan based on your calorie needs, dietary restrictions, and eating schedule.

While these services offer similar features, they may be less in-depth than those of PlateJoy. That said, the competition is slightly more budget-friendly. For example, Plan to Eat costs $39 per year, and Mealime costs $50 a year — or just half the price of PlateJoy.

You can also find free recipes online on websites like Pinterest, Allrecipes, and Food52. This may be a cost-effective alternative for those with flexible food preferences and who have more time to plan a menu and shopping list themselves.

PlateJoy may be a good option for those with specific dietary needs or food preferences who struggle to find recipes that fit their diet.

It’s also convenient and easy, making it a good match for people who may be too busy to plan a menu and shopping list but still want to prepare and enjoy healthy meals at home.

Because there are so many recipes available, it can also be a great option for those looking to add more variety to their diet and experiment with new ingredients.

Furthermore, individuals following restrictive dietary patterns like keto, gluten-free, or vegan diets may also find PlateJoy useful.

PlateJoy Weight Loss can likewise help you manage your portion sizes and making healthier choices to support sustainable weight loss.

Get started with PlateJoy here.

PlateJoy is a subscription-based service that builds a custom menu tailored to your dietary needs and food preferences.

It allows you to create a shopping list based on your weekly recipes, which can be ordered and delivered directly to your door for an additional cost.

It may be a good option for individuals eating restrictive diets, people with specific dietary preferences, and those with limited time who are looking to add more variety to their diet.

However, it’s also more expensive than many of its competitors, and no ingredients are included in the cost of the subscription, so it may not be a great fit for everyone.

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