What are benefits of consuming carrot for health and skin?

Benefits of Carrots health and Skin

What are benefits of consuming carrot for skin and health? – Carrots, one type of vegetables that are very well known with vitamin A content in it. Vegetables with Latin name Daucus carota L. has various benefits in addition to maintaining eye health. Carrots are known to have various ingredients that not only maintain the health of the eyes, body and some other body organs. One of them, carrots are very useful for maintaining skin health.

Carrot Nutrition

Nutritional content in carrots is not only vitamin A alone. Carrots have a very diverse range of nutrients, including vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Some of the content in the carrots not only can nourish the eyes and provide fiber nutrition as a vegetable, but also can help maintain healthy skin.

What are benefits of consuming carrot for health and skin?

Benefits of Carrots for Skin

Although carrots are well known for maintaining eye health, but carrots have many other benefits, namely carrots are very good for the skin. And some of the benefits of carrots for skin health include:

Helps Skin Cell Regeneration Process

Vitamin A in carrots not only can help maintain eye health. Vitamin A is also able to help the skin regeneration process. So that skin cells can always regenerate skin cells. Dead skin cells will quickly be replaced with new skin cells, so skin health is maintained.

Protecting Skin From UV Light

When traveling outside the room, the skin will make direct contact with the surrounding environment, as well as sunlight. Ultraviolet light from the sun can make the skin dull. The antioxidant content in carrots can protect the skin from ultraviolet caused by exposure to sunlight.

Keep the moist of the skin

Dry face can also cause skin looks dull and unhealthy. Carrots can help prevent dry skin by keeping the face moist. Using grated carrot as a mask by adding honey in it, can help keep the facial moisture, so the face can look bright and protected from dry skin.

Overcoming Acne

Having a face with acne blemish, or experiencing acne on facial skin can ruin the appearance. In addition, acne is also sore when touched. To overcome the acne, usually some people will apply acne medicine cream for acne quickly deflated. In addition to using acne medication, acne can also be done by mengoleskna grated carrot on acne. Acne will be deflated and also will not leave.

Eliminate Pigmentation Due Pigmentation

Consuming carrot is one way to help keep the skin to avoid the stains caused by pigmentation that occurs on the skin. For some people who do not like to consume carrots, carrots can be used as a mask to remove stains on the skin, either facial skin or some other skin.

Brighten the Skin

If the skin cell regeneration process can run normally, then the dead skin that causes dullness can be replaced with new skin. Consuming carrot juice, or raw carrots regularly, can help accelerate the regeneration of dead cells, so the skin will look brighter because the skin is replaced with a new skin dull.

Heals Skin Wounds

Carrots contain anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to vitamins A, B, and C, carrots are also known to contain vitamin E. Vitamin E and anti inflammatory properties in carrots help to accelerate wound healing that occurs on the skin.

Helps Reduce Keloids

The skin that is injured, will usually trace and appear keloid on the skin. To reduce keloids in the skin after the wound, use carrot can be done so that the risk of keloid appearance in the wound can be reduced.

Maintain Skin Elasticity

Carrots contain vitamin C which can maintain skin elasticity. Vitamin C in carrots will help the production of collagen, so the skin can become more elastic and protected from kekreadutan and also damaged skin due to lack of collagen content for the skin.

Maintain Scalp Health

Not only for body skin. Scalp health should also be maintained, as it relates to hair health. A sustained scalp prevents hair loss and also prevents dandruff on the scalp. improving scalp health can be done by consuming carrots.

In addition to maintaining healthy scalp, carrots can also help hair growth as a substitute for hair that has fallen. Maintaining skin health can not only be done with body lotion cream or any face lightening cream.

Maintaining skin health can also be done with natural ingredients such as carrots. Not only body skin and facial skin, even carrots can also help maintain healthy scalp. With natural ingredients, the skin can be kept healthy and the skin remains beautiful so as to improve self-confidence.

That is the benefits of carrot for health and skin. Hope this article useful for you. Thanks for reading this article.

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